Food Review: Two Face | Casual western fare in Tiong Bahru [Closed]

The Place Mention Tiong Bahru in Singapore and the first few images that come to my mind are the hip coffee joints such as 40 Hands, Open Door Policy and the artisan Tiong Bahru Bakery. The latest addtion to this increasingly hip estate is Two Face, a casual kopitiam style pizza and pasta eatery located along Eng Hoon Street.
IMG_8258The interesting concept about Two Face is that it lends its space from a real traditional Kopitiam and only operates in the evenings (Mon – Sat) and all-day on Sunday. The day time Kopitiam sells food such as Yong Tau Foo while it transform into a western eatery in the evening, giving the eatery the apt name Two Face. This operational mode is very creative and also an efficient use of space in my opinion.
IMG_8252 IMG_8263The Food The highlights of Two Face are its Pizzas and Pastas but some of its appetisers are worth a try as well, such as the Pan Fried Foie Gras on Fries and “Ha Chong Gai” (Prawn paste chicken).

The menu is scribbled over the black chock boards around the Kopitiam, which also serve as the dual purpose of ingeniously concealing the original day-time stalls.
IMG_8254 IMG_8256Price wise, I must say that the food at Two Face is really affordable with most of the Pizzas and Pastas ranging between $12-14. Another bonus is that there is no service charge and GST at Two Face, a perfect remedy for curbing inflation.

For a start, we ordered the Two Face signature drink ($4), which is a mixed blend of pineapple, caixin and sour plum. I like the combination in this very localised drink as it is very refreshing.   IMG_8274

For appetisers, we had the Pan Fried Foie Gras on Fries ($14) as I am a Foie Gras fanatic. I think that the Foie Gras is a little over-fried while the fries is a tad too oily as the bottom of the white sheet is visibly soaked with oil. This is not recommended for the health conscious but overall I am still satisfied with this appetiser.
IMG_8277For pasta, we tried the Aglio Olio mushroom with bacon ($12) where the serving is generous. I like the al dente pasta prepared in olive oil and garnished with sufficient slices of mushrooms and bacon.
IMG_8279The pizza we decided to try amongst the various options is the Smoked duck, truffle mayo & arugula ($14) pizza. The thin crust of the pizza makes it easy to eat and I like the overall taste of it – the smoked duck is tasty while there is a tinge of truffle mayo taste in each slice. This is highly recommended and can be shared amongst 2-3 people.
IMG_8281Rants As Two Face is housed in a Kopitiam (old coffeeshop) setting, it may not be the ideal comfy dining venue to chill for long with friends. That said, I am personally charmed by the rustic surroundings in Tiong Bahru while dining in Two Face.

Will I return again? With the wallet friendly prices and above average food quality, there is no reason not to be back at Two Face again for a fuss-free and unpretentious dining experience. I may well be back to try its all-day Brunch menu the next round, which is only offered on Sundays. This newest addition to the Tiong Bahru estate will no doubt offer consumers like you and me another food option in this corner of Singapore. For this sole reason, we have no reason not to rejoice.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud:
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 2.5/5
Overall Experience: 3/5

Two Face
Block 56, Eng Hoon Street, #01-46
Tel: +65 6536-0024


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3 Comments on Food Review: Two Face | Casual western fare in Tiong Bahru [Closed]

  1. I went last night, in the spirit of checking out the new joint in the neighbourhood and supporting new ventures. Regretfully, I found the food and price points mediocre. Our pizza margherita was way too brown (overdone), pasta was pastamania standard (although having said that, I have not been to pastamania in close to 8 years). The har cheong gai was different and a good idea. I think the two faced concept is unique and kudos to the proprietors for venturing into an already overheating neighbourhood. However, I’ll be going to Ting Heng diagonally across the road for har cheong gai and beer in the future. They do a good moon hor fun too.


  2. the green drink looks fierce!!


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