Food Review: 12-inch Pizzas & Records [Closed]

The Place Timbre is no stranger to most Singaporeans but apart from Timbre, it’s brand of pizza is also available in this fairly new establishment by the Timbre group, 12-inch Pizzas & Records. Located on level 4 of V Hotel in Lavender, there is a huge outdoor seating capacity and seems to be an ideal place for group gatherings.
I chose to dine in the more comfortable indoor seats instead, which has limited tables.
IMG_8799The Food The menu at 12-inch Pizzas toyed with the idea of a music record design and I must say that offerings are somewhat similar to the menu in Timbre.
IMG_8794For a start, I had the Buffalo Wings ($10) which I thought is mediocre as the marination is too bland. It pales in comparison to the ones I had from Pizzaria Mozza.
The saving grace is definitely the Roasted Duck Pizza ($19) which is topped with crispy popiah skin. I love the popiah skin even though the limelight should be the roast duck. The thickness of the pizza is ideal, not too thin to the extent of being flimsy.
Comparatively, the Garlic Shrimp Pizza ($17) is a huge disappointment. The garlic taste is virtually lacking, it feels more like an ordinary cheese pizza I am having. The best garlic pizza I had so far was the one from Mad For Garlic.
The service here needs more fine polishing as the timing the dishes are served was horrendously bad. Before we even finished our Buffalo Wings, the two pizzas were hastily served on our table. At one point, the confused and lack of initiative waitress even paused for me to clear the plate on the table so that she can place the pizza. It is not I am unwilling to lend a helping hand, but it is such lack of attentiveness which puts me off in a restaurant. Is that what I am paying service charge for?

Will I return again? I was only in love with the Roast Duck Pizza at 12-inch Pizzas and this sole reason does not suffice for me to return again. It is no wonder that only 3 tables were occupied on a Sunday evening while I was there. The service might be the reason.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud:
Hole in the pocket: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3/5
Overall Experience: 3/5

12-inch Pizzas & Records
70 Jellicoe Road
V Hotel Level 4
Singapore 208767
Tel: +65 6296 1622


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