Snippets: MeatLiquor SIN at Duxton Road | New introduction to menu + First DUXTON HELL Halloween Party [Closed]

What’s new at MeatLiquor SIN? We visited MeatLiquor SIN a few months back when it just opened, and the good news is that they have introduced some new items to its menu! We met the locally inspired HDB Chicken Tower Burger ($21), Fish Burger ($19) and Thai Thighs ($15). My favourite new item and possibly burger is the HDB Chicken Tower Burger, which stood out for its strong flavours of cheese, hash brown, jalapenos, slaw and Russian dressing, not forgetting the crunchy deep fried chicken fillet.
IMG_6102eThe Thai Thighs was quite addictive as well. The Panko breaded boneless chicken thigh was a little dry on its own, but was perfect with some Thai dressing sauce.
IMG_6081eDrinks wise, a new item on the drinks menu is the Pina Colada ($19), made up of White rum, pineapple, lime, burnt coconut meringue. The coconut meringue was such a twist to drink, which made this drink somewhat like a dessert drink for me. This is one delightful sweet stuff to wash down the burgers

What to try again? The Shambal Fries ($12) was a real treat this time. I was not very impressed with it on my first visit as I found it lacking the sambal flavor I was expecting, but the sambal sauce was much more intense this time, fortunately. For the classic burger, you can’t go very wrong with the signature Dead Hippie ($22) which comes with two mustard-fried beef patties, my other recommendation other than the new HDB Chicken Tower Burger. IMG_6094e What to look forward to? MEATliquor will be partnering with entertainment concept SENSORY this Halloween to unveil the first DUXTON HELL party. Featuring spooky 3D projection mapping and music by Stephen Day, party-goers can also look forward to Halloween games such as ‘Smack the Rat’, as well as MEATliquor’s very own TRICK or MEAT. The best part is that there is no cover charge for the event. The restaurant will open its doors as usual at 5pm, with the Duxton Hell party starting at 10pm on 31st October until 4am.
IMG_6068eOther than Halloween, MEATliquor’s first daytime event, ‘EATs, BEATs & TREATs’ started in late October. Do check out their links to find out more on the next upcoming daytime events too!

Make your reservation instantly at MeatLiquor SIN here.

MeatLiquor SIN
99 Duxton Road
Singapore 089543
Tel: +65 6221 5343

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 5pm – 2am
Saturday: 5pm – 3am

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