Food Review: Nancy’s Kitchen Restaurant in Melaka, Malaysia | One of the Most Popular Peranakan Restaurant in the City

The Place Mention Peranakan food in Melaka and Nancy’s Kitchen is most likely to be on your radar. The family run Nonya restaurant used to be located at New Jonker Street, before it relocated to a slightly bigger premise away from the main tourist area. The setting of the restaurant is simple and no frills, with limited tables and reservations are highly recommended. You can also choose to walk in and leave your name behind. We managed to check out quite a number of Peranakan restaurants in Melaka during our previous trip such as Restoran Aunty Lee, but Nancy’s Kitchen is one which we have revisited repeatedly.

The Food This is my third visit to Nancy’s Kitchen though it is my first to the new outlet. The menu looks similar to before, and I always end up ordering the same few dishes. We started with the Pai Tee (RM6/5 pieces), where the crispy hat is generously loaded with ingredients like turnips and condiments.

We ordered a soup to share and love the Duck with Salted Vegetable Soup (RM15/small). This soup is cooked over slow heat with salted vegetables and white wine, hence the sourish taste in the soup which is very comforting and tasty. Another interesting fact is that this dish has been passed down for 3 generations!

The Ayam Buah Keluak (RM18/medium) is another must try dish here. The sauce is delicious, and I still think that the Buah Keluak here is still one of the best ones around in Melaka. One nut is never enough, and we added quite a number more at additional RM2 for each Buah Keluak.

The Assam Fillet (RM18/small) is another dish which is not too bad. It is not too spicy, though the portion is not that big.

Other dishes I had include the Nonya Chap Chai (RM8/small) and Fried Egg Cincalok (RM6/small), which is omelette fried with fermented shrimp.

Rants Not a big space, and walk-in attempts are risky if you cannot afford to wait for long. There is also nothing much to check out along the same street to kill time while waiting.

Will I Return Again? Nancy’s Kitchen is not bad an option if you are looking for a Peranakan restaurant in Melaka. While its current location is not as convenient as Jonker Street previously, it still packs a strong crowd and a reservation is highly recommended. For other recommendations on what to eat in Melaka, check out some of our top recommendations shared previously.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 2.5/5
Overall Experience: 3.5/5

Nancy’s Kitchen Restaurant
13, Jalan KL 3/1b, Taman Kota Laksamana, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
Tel: +60 6-283 6099

Opening Hours
Sunday to Thursday: 11am to 5pm
Friday to Saturday: 11am to 9pm
Closed on Tuesday

Ranted by The Ranter

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8 Comments on Food Review: Nancy’s Kitchen Restaurant in Melaka, Malaysia | One of the Most Popular Peranakan Restaurant in the City

  1. Sorry but itek tim is not cooked with white wine. Some households add brandy just before serving but never white wine.


    • That is how Nancy’s Kitchen does their take on itek tim (i.e. Duck with Salted Vegetable Soup) though. Understood from the staff, and also on their menu, that white wine is used in the preparation of itek tim here.


  2. Well for once I dont agree with your statement, all this food you mention are easily available at any mamak, portugese and some other small restaurants even thte assam fillet we can get for lunch at normal coffee shop which sells at lunchtime


    • Egnes, any spots to recommend? Would love to visit them the next time we head to Melaka!

      Apologies not a local, some of the spots we wrote about in Melaka are based on recommendations we got from friends and of course, from researching online.


  3. Is the restaurant served halal food


  4. Well written, recommend trying Nyonya Suan in Melaka!


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