Food Review: Symmetry | Quality brunch menu

Truffle egg mushroom from Symmetry

The Place The one thing I like about Singapore is the vast choices we have when it comes to food. There are new restaurants opening every month and there is simply so much to explore in different corners of the island. Discovering new restaurants to me is akin to rediscovering Singapore most of the time. When I first heard that Symmetry is at Jalan Kubor, I literally went huh?

Positioned as a cafe by day and a bar at night, Symmetry has certainly found its edge in the vicinity of Bugis. There is a lack of cafes in this area and this is probably one of its advantage. I especially like the feel and look of the cafe, a tinge of vintage feel under the old shop houses.

The Food I have heard rave reviews about the Brunch at Symmetry and was looking forward to trying it. The first surprise is the partially illustrated menu, which leaves more room for imagination on how the actual food will turn out. Kudos to the creativity genes at work.

If you are sick of Brunch fares such as Eggs Benedict, fret not as there are other options such as Croissant, Fish and Chips and Steak Frites from its Lunch menu. The one factor in Symmetry which stands out from other restaurants is definitely its menu. Never have I seen such a wide range and diverse combination of Brunch choices.
IMG_0895 The hot Mocha ($5.50) kickstarts my weekend Brunch.
IMG_0918For starters to share, I would highly recommend the Potato Fries ($14) which comes in a tall bucket. I am a truffle fanatic and was totally ecstatic that the truffle smell and taste in the Potato Fries did not disappoint.
IMG_0902 For my Brunch, I had the Truffle Eggs Mushroom ($21) which is amazingly good. The truffle eggs lives up to its name thankfully and I could not help going for more. I like the whole combination as well, as it has my favourite mushrooms and hash brown.
IMG_0916 The Pork Collar Croissant ($19) is another great dish. The croissant is fluffy and buttery, which blends well with the pork surprisingly.
IMG_0905 For the benny lovers, here is the Portobello Benedict ($19).
IMG_0912 For desserts, we went for the ultra sinful Waffle ($16), with all the ingredients of sin – Peanut butter, chocolate and Vanilla ice-cream. The waffle is average, which I feel is kinda overpriced.
IMG_0924Rants While I thoroughly enjoyed the food, the service is really aloof. The waitress who took our orders does not seem to have any passion in being in the service line at all. I ordered my Mocha, which took more than 45 minutes to be served. Yes, my order was forgotten when it was clearly acknowledge by the aloof waitress. The prices of the food is not exactly cheap as well, which makes another minus point.

Will I return again? I have mixed feelings about returning. Food’s great, but good service goes a longer way. This is so true in Singapore when there are so many cafes or restaurants to choose from. To all crew out there serving, first impression is only made once.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 3.5/5

9 Jalan Kubor
#01-01 S(199206)
Tel: +65 6291 9901

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