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My first snack in Osaka, takopachi!
Somehow the orange hues of the shrines in Japan are just more, alluring. Happy to find peace at one of the most famous landmarks in Kyoto!
Good coffee stiles random conversations. . I was at Kurasu for my morning dose the other day and a Japanese guy (who happens to be a tour guide) beside me was so curious about Singlish that we started having a Singlish crash course. He was very diligent in taking down notes, or I would say ‘Kiasu’.
Went to this nondescript Unagi restaurant and it turned out to be surprisingly good! . This Hitsumabushi style unagi has the right amount of char and sweetness in the sauce, glad I didn’t end up at the touristy restaurants in Gion!
It’s the first time I actually think Kyoto Tower is quite iconic in this old capital of Japan.
The best Matcha latte I had in my memory! . Checked out the one month old Yugen, a small cramped space along a small street which makes excellent drinks. This is not the only cup I had.
Matcha shaved ice at the gorgeous Pass the baton! . So I noticed that many diners finished this by themselves, wow. I’ve always been sceptical about all this atas ice kacang but this version has intense matcha flavour from top to bottom. Can’t leave Kyoto without having a matcha dessert indeed.
Life full of twists and turns. . The obligatory visit to Fushimi Inari Shrine! While it is my second time here, it still feels as peaceful (that also depends on the time of the day you are here). The most famous part of this ancient shrine is the Senbon Torii, also known as the thousands of torii gates. . Do you know that each gate is donated by individuals and companies with their names and date of the donation inscribed on the back of each gate?
One of the most memorable Tofu Kaiseki meal I had! . It’s quite an adventure getting to the restaurant with a mini trek as it’s perched on the rocks overlooking the river with every exquisite course full of surprise.
Starting the day with this latte from Kurasu! Yes, this is the Kyoto brand which opened in Singapore. おはよう ございます!
There’s something about the old wooden houses in Kyoto which are so charming. In fact, I would gladly get lost in them.
Anago tendon? . Tenshu at Gion has pretty good value eel tempura rice during lunch hours! We also tried the mixed version which comes with anago, ebi and fish!
The worst Japanese service standards at the Arashiyama outlet. Staff tone was rude and their face couldn’t have been blacker than Black Friday. If the management of % Arabica is reading, time to send your staff for service training. Coffee is bland and lack punch as well. . If anything, the view of Katsura River saved the day.
It lasted less than a minute, and I enjoyed it while it last though it was such a fleeting moment. The mandatory visit to the bamboo forest for panda!
Where do you get a restaurant which has been around for over 550 years? . So glad to have our first meal in Kyoto at this soba specialty restaurant, in a old wooden house no less!

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