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After having chocolates, we are thinking about this chocolate cake from @GoodWoodParkHotelSG. This is their Jolly Chocolate, Blackcurrant and Cherry Savarin Cake for this festive season, though it is not technically a logcake per se!
Mala Roast Chicken? The Mala flavour extends to Crystal Jade Jiang Nan’s revamped outlet and menu at VivoCity, and this version has more of the “ma” element for us. The spice level is quite mild if you are expecting something really spicy!
Thinking of this slab of meat from @SingaporeMarriott! Counting down to the festive holiday but not to 2019, we are not quite ready for it. Yet. Time to book that Christmas meal, perhaps?
Feels like prata days all over again with all the flip flopping. We enjoy our prata, and you can have your cendol.
Buttermilk Fried Chicken? We quite enjoyed this cornmeal crusted version from Komyuniti, a restaurant tucked away at Yotel Singapore in Orchard. Prices here are surprisingly reasonable with all dishes within S$20.
Are you single or double? Back to the daily grind, where we can’t settle for anything less than double shots these days. You?
Left our hearts behind in Japan, so here’s something to rekindle the lost love. Fresh assortment of sashimi here from @UniGallerySG, which launched its new Omakase sets, including an Uni Omakase. You get the usually Hokkaido Bafun Uni, but there are also some interesting ones like Australian uni. Uni aside, other exotic dishes we encountered are Uni with Ankimo (Monkfish Liver) and Uni & Caviar on Tara Shirako. Bring an adventurous mind!
Last day for 1-for-1 Ramen, if you are in town area! We headed to Paragon to check out Le Shrimp Ramen, the latest concept by @ParadiseGrpSG. It opened since 29 Nov 2018 and today is the last day for its celebratory 1-for-1 noodle dishes promotion! Tried the Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen, a rich broth of ramen which is a little like our local prawn noodles down Japanese style. We also had the Red Garoupa with pickled Cabbage Tonkotsu Ramen, which comes with thick slices of the fish in a slightly spicy broth. A side dish we highly recommend to go along with the noodles is the crispy and addictive Twister Prawn Roll, which we polished off the plate within minutes.
And the ‘ramen’ eats extends back home. Happy to be back in Singapore and here’s what we have been craving for. We can always trust on this BCM stall at Opal Crescent for a solid bowl of noodles. Have a good day peeps!
I guess this is what makes up Osaka - bright lights, crowded streets (and rivers) and many many many takoyaki stores. At least this is true for most tourist, right?
Nothing beats having Kobe Beef in Kobe. Except that at Steakland, the service was (is) definitely not the usual Japanese standards you enjoy throughout the country - perhaps a reminder that we should cherish the Japanese hospitality even more dearly.
Sayin' a little prayer. And hopefully 2019 will be better. . And for common sense to prevail with Singapore's neighbour too. 😉
A trip to Hiroshima should definitely include a half day at Miyajima. And while om the island, visit this store for its Age Momiji - fried cakes in the shape of a maple leaf, made usually with sweet bean paste. It was so good, we ordered a second round!
When in Hiroshima, make sure you have a meal of the local rendition of their okonomiyaki. The version here uses noodles as its base, unlike Osaka's.
The last falls of autumn as winter arrives in Japan.