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A very fierce plate of Sotong Masak Sambal Belado, one of the new dishes at @FolkLoreSG where the fresh squid here is cooked in fiery sambal made with tomatoes, chilies, lime and lemon basil leaves. One of the restaurants which we will return again and it’s already their first anniversary, time flies!
Matcha Soba? This Green Tea Noodles is a dish to cool the palate from Shima’s Summer Kaiseki Menu!
Raw egg yolk in a sandwich? We trekked our way to Paya Lebar to try this Beef Teriyaki from @EggStopSG. Topped with a beautiful egg yolk, the beef slices are surprisingly tender though at S$7.40 for a sandwich, it’s not that cheap. In any case, there are other flavours such as its signature scrambled eggs sandwich and even avocado & egg.
We can have dim sum at any time of the day, happy that there’s a Canton Paradise outlet near our place! We tried the BBQ 3-Combination (Roasted Duck, Kampong Chicken, Cracking Pork Belly), the Steamed Molten Salted Egg Yolk Custard Piggy Bun, Handmade Meatball Congee and Wok-fried Pork Belly with Salted Fish in Claypot. Great news for Westies that their newest outlet will be opening at JEM in Jurong East by the end of this month.
Just part of the free flow appetisers at Senso’s Sunday Brunch, which is a decent spread of other cold cuts and bread. The main options are a mix of meats and pastas. Have a great Sunday everyone!
Most lemon tarts are overly sweet and we are quite surprised by this version from the new dessert range at @Hilton.Singapore D9 Cakery located at the lobby. We like the crispy crust at the top and bottom, and there’s also a generous dose of meringue to blend with the curd. This is just one of the nine newly launched cakes and desserts!
Totally in love with this Balinese Crispy Duck from @DancingFish.SG, a one week old concept from KL specialising in Indonesian cuisine which debuted at @TangSG. The flavour of the duck is robust, along with a crispy skin and crispy flakes, sedap! Looks like we have a new found favourite restaurant in Orchard Road for now.
Our comforting Kway Chap breakfast in Hougang! Kway Chap aside, we are more in love with the braised duck at Rui Heng Braised Duck stall located in a Coffeeshop right behind the soon-to-be-defunct Serangoon JC. Quite a number of meals to look forward to today, good morning!
Uni Chirashi Don is calling out. One of the main courses of the Uni Kaiseki Dinner Menu at @YOSHIRestaurant.SG!
Baked mooncake with mixed nuts and Jamón ibérico? This is one of the signature flavours of @MandarinOrchard! It seems pretty fast but Mid-Autumn Festival is just about a month away.
We thought that only the meats are the highlights at Gordon Grill, little to expect that the Crepe Suzette is very good as well. Quite a sight to watch the ala minute preparation! Been quite grueling work week (or maybe it’s just the post hold blues), TGIT!
Our sashimi course from the Summer Kaiseki Menu from Shima! It’s a combination of Aburi Otoro, Uni, Sea Bass and Shiromi Fish served in a gift-like presentation. This menu will be available till the end of October, from S$68++ onwards for 7-courses.
It’s called the Forbidden Risotto, one of the new items on the menu of @BirdsOfAFeatherSG! The black rice cooked in cheese is topped with ikura, Hokkaido scallops and squid. The overall flavour is very savoury and is comforting to some extent too.
Holidays just fly past swiftly. Back to the grind and here’s some roast duck noodles along Keong Saik Road, pretty decent quality and a comfy dining ambience if you don’t fancy sweating it out at Foong Kee!
The best meal we had this trip, only because we only stepped out of our resort once! Regardless, the Thai food at Suay is really on point. This is the delicious Soft Shell Crab Pad Thai, along with a Thai coconut no less!

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