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Wanaka, finally! How are all the lakes in NZ so blue and surrounded by vast mountain ranges? We hiked up the relatively easy Mt Iron for a view of the town, which is relatively small compared to Queenstown, less the obvious touristy vibes.
Onsen for life! So we booked this onsen place before our trip and we were glad we did, especially when the weather was slightly chilly. One hour of private suite with wine and ice-cream, and a view of Shotover River no less. The best remedy after a strenuous hike!
Pulled Pork Benedict with a view of the lake, snow capped mountains and free roaming ducks at this lovely cafe in Queenstown! We can't do alfresco dining in Singapore due to the humidity so we took every opportunity to do so in NZ. Loving this blue life so far, while it lasts!
Always nice to slow down the pace of life! This also goes to show that once you are at the top, the only way is downhill. Happy weekends, world!
A sunset to remember. Our random post ice-cream stroll around the riverfront in Queenstown before we witnessed an interesting phenomenon of sunset in the far infinity of the lake and dark clouds inland. But no matter what, keep calm and duck on!
Mushrooms for life. Lost count of the number of Creamy Mushrooms brunch we had this trip. The shrooms in NZ are good!
Windy, cool air, and just the sound of nature! Spotted the rare and cute Kea birds at the summit of Ben Lomond and taking the great opportunity to soak in the views of Queenstown at the same time. This is truly one of the best hikes we have ever done!
We could really do with this view again! The most panoramic view of Queenstown from Ben Lomond trek, which is what keeps us going, really. Highly recommended if you love trekking but some training prior to the trip will be most ideal!
Our reward after a strenuous hike! Treated ourselves to some grilled meats at The Grille, a restaurant overlooking the waterfront in the heart of the city. This Steak Frites is from Wakanui beef, grain-fed for 90 days. Our best muscle recovery after conquering Ben Lomond!
One of the best hikes we have ever done. The Ben Lomond hike takes about 6-8 hours return, with a fantastic 360 degree view of Queenstown. Don't be misled by the board which says 1 hour to the summit at the saddle, as the steepness accentuates coupled with rocky terrain and snow paths at some points. Keep going.
Hello Queenstown, we finally met. Where hikers met the mountains, where blue lakes and roads met. Where foodies checked the cafes, where adrenaline and us checked.
The world's best burger? Just had to make a stop and punch a location tag at Queenstown's most famous burger joint, and quite possibly the whole of the Southern hemisphere. It's good, but to rate it best in the world is pure genius marketing, and a very successful one.
Looks calm but the wind up at this lookout point was strong and chilly! We have been in NZ for over a week now and we are still soaking in nature's works with every turn we take.
It was a slight foggy evening, sub 10 degrees celcius evening as we took a stroll to the lake. That moment of peace was priceless.
We were surprised to find this authentic Italian restaurant in a small town like Te Anau, a family run restaurant here by Italians. Love this fettuccine with mushrooms and some hints of truffle!