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Isan style steak? What took us so long to come to Supanniga? Food quality is consistent across the dishes we had, prices are reasonable and they have various outlets across Bangkok. Thanks to one of our follower for dropping us this recco and insisting we have to give it a try!
Our favourite new cafe in Bangkok so far! Rustic yet a blend of old school and modern interior, the two-storeys space of @Sarnies.BKK is gorg! Coffee on point, with beans roasted in Bangkok. Food options aplenty too. Must come!
Roast duck noodles for breakfast! Headed to this decades old eatery near Saphan Taksin and we must say the roast meats and char siew are pretty competent. The egg noodles itself is delicious too! Seats are limited but it is easy to share a table with others, good morning!
Roasted duck, nutmeg and coriander on crispy rice cracker! One of our starters at @PasteBangkok lunch menu, the dishes on an overall basis are consistently good with strong flavours in execution. Paste is Number 28 of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019, and it is also One-Michelin Star. Perhaps our only gripe is the stiff service, which is also what we feel from our previous dining experience at R-Haan.
How’s your end, my side is ok! Quiet and rustic cafe tucked away in a small alley, very reasonably priced brunch fares and surprisingly competent Kyoto matcha latte. Always excited to explore the food in this city!
Good morning from Bangkok! Checked out this 3 weeks old cafe in Sathorn, and we really love the rustic and woody space here! Tried both the fruity and nutty beans , and we preferred the stronger nutty blend of Brazilian and regional beans. There will be a couple of restaurants which we are looking forward to trying this trip, stay tune!
This was what happened when you had eight people sharing multiple cakes. Coined as Puck, this dark chocolate sea salt is one item here at Lee’s which every self-professes chocoholic should order. The chocolate is intense, yet not too sweet. The texture is so shiny that I can spot my own reflection.
Craving for this right now! We feel that this is really as good as what we would called Singapore style ramen, expect that you get rich fish maw broth instead of pork or chicken bones. Unfortunately, it does require some luck to get our hands on this bowl from Seng Kee as its opening hours can be quite erratic. Not to mention be prepared to brace yourself for the long queue as well. Now, long weekend begins!
A fun morning. Don’t hesitate to try all flavours (char siew, scallop, shrimp) when you visit the popular Chee Cheong Fun stall at Pek Kio, probably one of the thinnest and softest rice rolls we have tasted!
The must try at @ShakeShackSG - PANDAn Shake! Exclusive to Singapore, this is a blend of vanilla, pandan, coconut and it is topped with gula melaka crumble. So excited that this is Shake Shack’s 1st South-East Asia outlet!
Some of our favourite dishes from Paradise Classic! The Stewed Silver Needle Noodle with Salted Fish in Claypot is a must have here! We also had the (swipe right for more) Expresso Pork Ribs, Stewed Pork Belly served with Lotus Bun and Stir fried French Bean with Preserved Turnip and Dried Sakura Ebi. Adding to the countless food options in Jewel Changi Airport are three @ParadiseGRPSG concepts - Paradise Classic, LeNu and Beauty in The Pot!
Awesome Lor Mee from Lorong Ah Soon Hawker Centre! Queued 30 minutes for it, and it was worth it. Who else likes having Kway Teow instead of Yellow Noodles?
Another Taiwanese Bubble Tea brand in Singapore? The Alley will open officially at Jewel Changi Tomorrow. We can probably do with a little more sweetness in our life. This weekend is probably going to be record breaking crowd at the latest crown jewel of the city.
Black truffle fries? We usually only see fries with truffle oil so this side dish at One Ninety is quite interesting!
Love this steamboat in Joo Chiat! A great alternative to the big names, there is only one broth option here which is the TTSR Special Soup Base. Taking more than 5 hours to prepare the soup base, the restaurant uses both shark bones and cartilage; yes, imagine the collagen rich soup!

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