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Home dining dessert brought to a new level. Our Coconut theme dessert from Dearborn Supper Club. You get coconut meringue here which covers the coconut sorbet and crumbles below, topped with some edible white pandan flowers. I enjoy coconut as a dessert as it is not too heavy after a meal of many courses, and suffice to say that the coconut flavours showcased here are aromatic and well-balanced. It is not too sweet either, even for the meringue which I usually avoid. Ironically, the meringue is my favourite element here.
One of our favourite Chinese La Mian in town! We like the fact that LeNu despite its name has other non-beef La Mian options. Some of the dishes we commonly order (swipe right) are the Braised Wagyu Beef Noodle, Garoupa with Preserved Vegetable Noodle, along with side dishes like the Braised Pork Rib with Scallion and Long Jing Tea Lava Egg!
How does Pasta Bar sound? The two weeks old Italian restaurant along Keong Saik Road focuses on handmade pastas where diners can sit around the counter to watch the chefs at work. Here’s the Pappardelle with rabbit ragu, olive and pine nuts!
A Tropical Passion of coconut, mango, lime and passionfruit for dessert at Subrosa in Jalan Besar. It’s always a dilemma if desserts should be more refreshing/healthier or more sinful.
We can always do with Sashimi and rice! Checked out this one week old new Japanese kaisendon restaurant at Oxley Tower (great for CBD folks), which is still in its soft launch phase. Flavours are quite fresh for a start! Expect dishes like different types and portions of kaisendon during lunch hours, while the space converts into an omakase concept in the evening.
Wouldn’t mind this crispy toast of Croque Madame for lunch!
One of the best Omakase experiences we have had in Singapore, at Hashida Sushi.
Don't wait for your love one to bring you to The Summerhouse at Seletar this Valentine's season. Just apply for a credit card, travel insurance or personal loan on SingSaver's Unlock Love campaign, and you might be walking away with dinner for four at The Summerhouse. And this is just amongst one of the many mystery gifts worth S$50,000 to be won! I have unlocked Capitaland Vouchers, what have you unlocked? Head over to SingSaver website for more details.
Wild Mushroom Pappardelle from the refreshed menu at @BorutoSingapore! This version has a dash of truffle oil, and we have a sudden craving for carbs now. Happy Monday all!
The long awaited rain which broke the dry spell finally came. Our Yuan Yang hotpot at The Buffet restaurant in M Hotel. It is a seafood steamboat buffet during dinner hours though we are definitely still more meat-driven. This is our Pork Bone Collagen and Tom Yum broths!
Checking out the new Yum Cha Weekend Dim Sum buffet at Andaz! At $35++ per person, it is a decent mix of dim sum variety from a selective buffet line and its ala carte menu. Bonus point is the view at level 25!
Rarely see so much Otah in one dish! We love this Otak Toast with Salad at Violet Oon’s Ion outlet where you could taste the fresh fish flavor, prepared with spiced coconut cream fish quenelle.
Our last Yusheng this year! Checked out the newly opened Xi Yan at I12 Katong, so new that it doesn’t even have its geotag yet. This version is a simplified version of the Craig Road’s Private Dining outlet, but we like that it is simple yet refreshing. Heaps of salmon there, and so much greens that Yusheng tastes healthy for once. Huat Argh!
Finally made our way to South Union Park! Quite possibly the only cafe in Kembangan, the vibe here is quite homely nestled in a quiet neighbourhood. We had the Croque Madame, which is pretty decent!
Not all morning wetness are made equal, we will gladly wake up for this plate of delicious Hokkien Mee in Serangoon. Good morning!