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Other than food and music, bubbles is probably the third thing to connect people. We all had fun with it, while it lasts!
Had a great dinner experience at @JBRestavracija! Though there is no @MichelinGuide in Slovenia, every part of the 6-course Meat Menu we had at this 19 years old restaurant was consistently good. Meat dishes include the likes of beef cubes with caviar and veal chop, played along with authentic and professional service which is Michelin worthy. If you are looking to indulge in Ljubljana, this is the restaurant we would recommend.
One of the biggest surprise of our trip, Ljubljana. Love exploring the old town, the urban landscape, and a pretty vibrant coffee and food scene. The capital of Slovenia is definitely one of the most underrated in Europe in our opinion. These stretch of houses remind us of the architecture we had seen previously in Amsterdam or Nyhavn Harbour in Copenhagen.
We enjoyed the trail at Krka National Park which provides different and interesting viewpoints along the way. Left Croatia with much reluctance, onward to our next country!
We were curious about the fine dining scene in Zagreb, and made our way to the One-Michelin starred Noel restaurant. The dishes are a mix of Asian and European influences, with surprise dishes like tuna sashimi from the Adriatic Sea, risotto with local sea urchin and Croatian steak. Food is competent, though we were not particularly impressed.
The most popular National Park in Croatia, Plitvice is truly breathtaking, even though we were greeted with crappy weather. Tried our best to do justice to the place!
One of the fun ways to get a good view of Zagreb is to take a ride on the funicular! The capita city of Croatia is also its largest city where 25% of the population resides in.
Swing by for coffee? Checked out this cafe at the lower town of Zagreb! Good morning!
Really love the blue sea of the islands off Split! It is not surprising why some of the beaches in the vicinity were voted best beaches in the world.
Hanging in there. No regrets stopping by Trogir, a quaint coastal town known for its mix of Renaissance, Baroque and Romanesque buildings. It is easy to cover the old town within a few hours, no map required, just wander around and get lost in the small alleys.
One of our best coffee experiences this trip, discovering @CogitoCoffeeRoasters. And our first line of business when we arrived at the Croatian capital was to make a stop at a good coffee joint. Visited its Dubrovnik, Zadar and Zagreb outlets and coffee quality is very consistent. Honoured and happy to have a brief chat with the owner at its Zagreb outlet tucked away in a backyard about the coffee scene in the region, as well as sharing how the coffee scene is like in Singapore. We were surprised when he managed to name some Singapore coffee roaster names!
Love nature trails and a visit to Krka National Park was one of the top of our list! It is a big park, so if time is limited, just stick to visit the most famous Skradinski Buk, where most park goers will take the leap of faith and head down to take a dip! Too cold and lazy? People watching is quite fun as well.
An unexpected arctic blast hit Croatia the past few days, with strong winds, heavy rain and a dip in temperature to as low as 2 degrees. Explored the small city of Zadar in the midst of rain but as with all travels, weather is something unpredictable and we just have to remind ourselves to stay positive (including finding an excuse to shop for winter wear) and see the surroundings and sights from another perspective. If you can’t control it, don’t think about it.
It was tough deciding where to eat in Zagreb, as we only have a few meals in the capital of Croatia. Glad to make our way to @DubravkinPut, one of the most highly rated restaurants in Croatia. The dishes here mainly use local produce, and we tried a mix of dishes like the Adriatic Squid stuffed with Risotto, Tuna Steak, and Chicken Soup with Black Truffle Dumplings. Service is polished, food is competent and prices are fairly reasonable for its calibre.
Our time in Sibenik was a very leisure one. Didn’t hike up to any of the fortresses as we think the view from our resort’s balcony will suffice. Not as big a city like Split, but definitely has its own charm!

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