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Kagoshima Beef with Sukiyaki Egg! Finally checked out @Ronin_HK, one of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants at Number 45. This is one of their signature dishes and is absolutely delicious with its well-marinated thinly sliced wagyu which make us miss Japan all over again. That said, be prepared to splurge at this casual fine dining restaurant. This is 458HKD for a gauge which is one of the big plates on the menu, and the restaurant’s recommendation is to order around 8 dishes for two pax.
Lost count of the number of coffee drank today, but not ranting at all!
Having Dim Sum while in Hong Kong is a must. Recommended by a local friend, the chicken feet is on point though the siew mai is pretty average.
Back here again in Sham Shui Po, this freshly made Cheong Fun still beats many of factory made rendition in the market now! Had it with their Siew Mai this round, and I ended up ordering another portion of it. Great way to start the weekend in Hong Kong!
They said it has 368 layers, and 8cm in diameter, the egg tart at Queen Sophie is quite a delight. Rather buttery crust, with a balanced custard, this is one tart you should have in Hong Kong.
Visited this old time cha chaan teng for that nostalgic vibe, and for its signature toasts - which unfortunately was not available when I was here (only after 230pm). Went for the 锅仔公司面, which really is instant noodles with all the junk food you love and topped with a fried egg! Nothing wow, but very comforting.
Finally checked out Baan Ying in Novena! Our steak here, one of the mains to choose from if you go for their weekend semi-brunch buffet at $38.80++ per person! Food aside, the space is quite gorgeous for a Thai restaurant. TGIF!
Uni Pizza? After a challenging week, this Uni Pizza saves the week!
Our rojak the other day from Coffee Lounge at @GoodwoodparkHotelSG! This dish summaries my mood right now, having mixed feelings about people in general. It usually doesn’t pay to be kind.
Home dining dessert brought to a new level. Our Coconut theme dessert from Dearborn Supper Club. You get coconut meringue here which covers the coconut sorbet and crumbles below, topped with some edible white pandan flowers. I enjoy coconut as a dessert as it is not too heavy after a meal of many courses, and suffice to say that the coconut flavours showcased here are aromatic and well-balanced. It is not too sweet either, even for the meringue which I usually avoid. Ironically, the meringue is my favourite element here.
One of our favourite Chinese La Mian in town! We like the fact that LeNu despite its name has other non-beef La Mian options. Some of the dishes we commonly order (swipe right) are the Braised Wagyu Beef Noodle, Garoupa with Preserved Vegetable Noodle, along with side dishes like the Braised Pork Rib with Scallion and Long Jing Tea Lava Egg!
How does Pasta Bar sound? The two weeks old Italian restaurant along Keong Saik Road focuses on handmade pastas where diners can sit around the counter to watch the chefs at work. Here’s the Pappardelle with rabbit ragu, olive and pine nuts!
A Tropical Passion of coconut, mango, lime and passionfruit for dessert at Subrosa in Jalan Besar. It’s always a dilemma if desserts should be more refreshing/healthier or more sinful.
We can always do with Sashimi and rice! Checked out this one week old new Japanese kaisendon restaurant at Oxley Tower (great for CBD folks), which is still in its soft launch phase. Flavours are quite fresh for a start! Expect dishes like different types and portions of kaisendon during lunch hours, while the space converts into an omakase concept in the evening.
Wouldn’t mind this crispy toast of Croque Madame for lunch!