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One of the most disappointing Rojaks around despite the consecutive Michelin Bib Gourmand accolades. The flavour is lacking and the sauce is mediocre. To be fair, this stall has seen better days. The best rojak for us now is Soon Heng Rojak in Toa Payoh. Rant over, back to work.
Haven’t had Tendon for ages and we ended up having a Chirashi Don and Gyu Don as well! There is a ‘K Food Wheel Of Daebak’ going on right now till 5 August where every diner is entitled to a sure win spin with every S$50 spent in a single receipt, at any K Food Holdings restaurant like @ChirChirSG, @MasizzimSG, @NipongNaePongSG and @NYNightMarketSG.
Our new found favourite - Duck rice at Dunman! Very tender duck meat there and we highly recommend having it along with the delicious Tau Kwa Pau (which deserves a separate highlight on its own), so good!
Queued for 45 minutes for Tai Wah Pork Noodles, a new entrant to the latest Michelin Bib Gourmand list and I can’t help but draw comparisons with the other Michelin starred Tai Hwa. For a start, the soup here which packs huge dumplings and plenty of pork balls win hands down but the noodles might have seen better days. It was flavourful with the unmistakable vinegar, but a tad too tough. The queue here is much shorter than Crawford Lane though, decisions in life.
We had a preview of the classic Four Treasures collection from @ShangriLaSG with reduced sugar options! The general observation we gathered from this year’s mooncake boxes design is it that they keep to a more classic and oriental look so far. Early bird savings of 25% applies for purchases between 9 July and 12 August 2018, with mooncakes sale period from 24 Jul 2018 through 24 Sep 2018.
Some things are best in pairs, good morning! Coffee from @Homeground.Coffee at Katong to start the day is an awesome idea.
Nothing can this plate of Lobster Mac & Cheese from Skirt to end off the week! Rich and creamy, the lobster chunks are pretty generous too we must say. TGIF!
Salted egg fish and chips? . We finally checked out a relatively hidden restaurant in CBD, Se7enth located at level 7 of @OakwoodPremierOUESingapore. This delicious mains is one of our favourites here, though the restaurant has a series of 50% discount during dinner hours for their new dishes launched this month such as Chili Crab Pasta and Cod Fish Hor Fun.
Feeling the urge to drink a little to get into the weekend mode and we are here at the gorgeous @BotanicoSG. . Starting from the bar, you can choose your own alcohol base and customise your own condiments, lovely!
The latest Michelin Bib Gourmand list is out with @TheCoconutClubSG making its debut, along with a few which dropped off the list this year. Nasi Lemak aside, the elusive Kueh Kosui here is one of the best around! . Surprises or shocks? Let us know your thoughts!
What comes around go around. . An incredibly huge portion of Stir-fried Shellfish from @ClaypotsFullCircle at Amoy Street, a few months old restaurant which hails from Melbourne. This is also the brand first outlet overseas. . Expect loads of fresh seafood and Mediterranean and Asian flavours, and this shellfish happens to be from St Kilda, Melbourne!
Ireland oysters with Schrencki caviar from @BacchanaliaSG, one of those sexy and creamy starters we remembered.
A grand entrance for our assortment of sashimi (Toro, Kampachi & Scallop) as part of our Summer Unagi Menu at @Mikuni.SG this month! . Love the freshness of all the sashimi here, especially the ultra-soft and tender Toro. We can always do with more slices of it, anytime.
One of the most practical mooncake box we have received this year! . This is @FairmontSingapore limited edition premium baked mooncake which comes with a beautiful tea set within. Some of the baked flavours this year include classics such as Peach-shaped Single Yolk & Macadamia Nuts in White Lotus Paste and Baked Double Yolk in White Lotus Paste. . There is 20% early bird discount for online orders from 3 July to 2 September 2018 with a minimum purchase of two boxes of mooncakes. OCBC, Accor Plus and Far Card members enjoy up to 25% discount for online orders from 3 July to 24 September 2018.
Totally in need of double shots now and here’s what we had earlier at the few weeks old @Homeground.Coffee in Katong, which has their own coffee roaster at the back of the cafe and cakes from @WoodlandSSD. Very interesting space config which adds to the art gallery vibes, and great that there’s a new cafe addition to the East!