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The Forbidden Duck, which is essentially Peking duck from the few weeks old restaurant at MBFC. Definitely prefer the slow roasted duck instead of this, which we find to be more flavourful.
Thinking of this 8oz American Wagyu Royal Ribeye Cap Steak from Morton’s! It is a new cut on Morton’s Spring menu, widely regarded as one of the best cuts of American wagyu beef. The flavour of this cut is rich and succulent, one of the more enjoyable dishes I enjoyed during my visit.
Craving for something soupy like this Clear Tom Yum soup from the gorgeous Tamarind Hill, tucked away amjdst the Labrador Nature Reserve in the south of Singapore. This version is very spicy, generous completed with Tiger Prawns, Barramundi fish and Squid. That’s the Tom Yum fried rice at the background!
Glazed Local Duck Breast - one of our favourite dishes at the few weeks old @TheSpot.SG in Marina One! . The main difference for this version is the use of chrysanthemum. The duck breast meat is flavourful and tender, along with its crispy skin which is glazed with the strong scent of chrysanthemum flower honey. The plum ginger vinegar jus at the side elevates the flavour of the dish further, so good!
Otah sandwich with cheese? . We tried this from the few weeks old @ClanCafe at Bukit Pasoh and enjoyed it. Filled with fresh mackerel and prawn, the grilled brioche is delicious too. Love the gorgeous space too.
The robust start to the day, good morning!
What gym is all worthwhile for, Foie Gras sushi from the latest Spring Omakase menu at @FatCowSG! Amazing melt-in-the-mouth texture there, no guilt!
Something to spice up Monday evening - Szechuan Spicy Crispy Chicken! A very generous serving of this addictive appetiser from Paradise Dynasty.
Never too late for dim sum. It’s a wide variety of dishes available at the few weeks old @GuanDynasty at the basement of United Square in Novena. What’s your must order dim sum dish?
Prawn mee with clam? . Quite surprised to find this prawn noodle stall at Upper Thomson Road which has a delicious prawn broth and comes with clams as well! . Where: Ming Ji Bao Bei Xia Mian, #01-05, Sembawang Hills Hawker Centre
Not for the faint hearted. . Looks harmless but we underestimated this plate of Chilli Oil Wantons (紅油抄手) from @QiHouseOfSichuan at MBFC, a relatively new Chinese restaurant concept from Hong Kong which opened in the CBD recently.The Wanton skin here is unusually thin, which means the meat is able to soaked up more of the spices and vinegar sauces more easily.
Hands up if you love truffle fries! Working out at the gym while thinking about this is not a good idea. Happy weekend everyone!
Rise and shine at our favourite food centre! Been thinking about this noodles for the longest time, a stall which I frequent since young. The fried wantons are dope!
Everything we love is on this gorgeous Fat Cow Premium Donburi from @FatCowSG - Sliced wagyu steak on rice, uni, caviar, foie gras and onsen egg! . This is a NEW version of the Donburi here which previously uses plain white rice, but now serves rice cooked with wagyu trimmings and infused with truffle flavour. We also love the option of adding chilli powder or salt as separate side plates to enhance the flavour of the dish, not that it requires any further.
Latest Hot Pot to hit town, it may not have any gimmicks for diners (unlike another recent opening), but @DingXianHotPot is definitely one of the most affordable steamboat options in town. . Fresh meats, with interesting soup base such as the Blazing Magma Soup (Japanese spicy white miso soup) and most Singaporeans' must-order Spicy Mala Soup.

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