Food Review: Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant Singapore | Ugly duckling at Capitol Plazza [Closed]

The Place When I first heard that Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant is going to open in Singapore at the revamped Capitol Plazza, I was very excited to check it out at the first minute. Afterall, I have been an ardent fan of the original outlet at Bayswater in London, and even the franchised outlet at Siam Paragon mall in Bangkok. Located at level two of Capitol Theatre, the restaurant is quite spacious, probably the biggest as compared to its other global outlets. It was surprisingly empty when I visited last weekend, given the rather low key opening and publicity.

The Food Roast duck. Nothing more on the menu excites me more than the famous roast duck. Prices are generally not cheap, with half portion roast duck that we had at $36 (Whole duck $68). It was not the most pleasant dining experience I had, notwithstanding the fact that the somewhat unpolished service can be much improved as I understand that most of the service staff are new. My greatest shock was when the roast duck was served on my table, as I noticed highly visible duck feathers, with its prickly texture. I consulted the manager if it was even edible, and it was a yes initially.

Will you eat this piece of feathered duck meat?
IMG_20150412_183110After my look of disgust and skepticism, the manager decided to change my plate and serve a fresh plate of duck meat. My understanding from the manager is that the restaurant will feedback to their Thailand supplier where the duck is imported from, and the chefs will take greater diligence in checking and removing the feathers. But seriously, I was very disappointed with the overall standard. Feather aside, the duck meat was not as tender as the ones I had previously in London and Bangkok. The signature sauce for the meat not as tasty, while the roast duck skin not as crispy as I imagined it to be.
IMG_1621eWe also tried the Aubergine Hot Pot ($24), another disappointment for its price. The eggplant was quite tasteless and failed to impress.
Rants The dismal standard of the roast duck is my biggest rant.

Will I Return Again? By local standards, the price at Four Seasons is quite exorbitant for roast duck. It doesn’t help that it fails to deliver in terms of quality and standards. Give me the roast duck from any hawker stall anytime.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 2.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 2.5/5
Overall Experience: 2.5/5

Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant
Capitol Plazza #02-27/28/29
13 Stamford Road
Singapore 178905
Tel: +65 67021838

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am – 10:30pm

Ranted by The Ranter


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3 Comments on Food Review: Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant Singapore | Ugly duckling at Capitol Plazza [Closed]

  1. The worst dining experience I have in months!! Their “famous” duck is a Cheat.
    Firstly for a $22 portion, it came in a small plate with only about 8 pieces over a base of vegetable!! So it is not even a small -plate”full”. The ducks were tough and i have problem dislodging the fat skin from the meat. Sauce for the duck is more than mediocre. Comparing with the wagyu of duck at London Fat Duck…..If London has a 10, ducks here in Four Season does not even deserve a 1 point.

    Moved on to the dual platter of charsiew and roast pork. I have better ones at hawker centre. They were dry, dull and tasteless..The vegetable dish we ordered was also tasteless and pedestrian.
    My partner and I were so disgusted that we pack up the food for our maids, paid the bill and walked out in less than 10 minutes after the food arrived.
    For the 3 dishes, we paid $91 which is disgraceful for food we cannot stomach.

    Please do not waste your time or money going there as you will walk out very angry like us!


    • We didn’t have much to rave about at Four Seasons too. =(


    • I am having the duck and char siew here, and am very disgusted with the quality of the dry, tasteless meat. So, I went to check online reviews as to whether anybody shared the same views. Then I chanced upon your review. TOTALLY AGREE. WASTE OF MONEY.


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