Food Review: Ginza Kagari Honten, Tokyo | Kagari Ramen Is One Of The Best Chicken Broth Ramen I Have Had

The Place Tucked away in a hidden alley in Ginza away from the glitz and glamour is Ginza Kagari Honten (銀座 篝), one of the best chicken ramens I have had in Tokyo, Japan, and quite possible in the world. I first had Kagari Ramen few years ago and was impressed from the first sip of its broth, where it is famous for its rich and creamy chicken broth (tori-paitan). Fast forward to 2022, I knew I had to revisit it again after the pandemic. 

You cannot miss the long queue in a random Ginza alley if it is your first time here.

In fact, the space of the restaurant has expanded since my first visit where it used to be an 8-seater L-shape set up, whereas the current space is able to accommodate about 15 diners in a U-shape counter setting. 

The Food The chicken ramen is definitely what you should be here for, even though I also spotted clear soup ramen like dried sardine and Hamaguri clam and oyster ramen on the menu. 

Orders are taken as you queue by the staff, and I ordered the Slow-cooked Chicken Broth Ramen (1,200 yen). The other good thing here is that English menu is available so you do not have to struggle with the menu if you cannot read Japanese. 

Service is really prompt and I did not wait too long after being seated before my ramen is served. The first sip of the slow-cooked chicken broth ramen always tastes so rich and flavourful. Kagari uses 100% domestic chicken broth and meat to cook their chicken broth, and there is also a special salt sauce called “shio-kaeshi” that goes with this soup, a combination of mineral-rich natural salt and the flavors of seafood, kelp, and shiitake mushrooms. 

The chicken meat comes in thin slices and is tender and flavourful, while the noodles itself spots the right kind of firm texture for me. I generally like my noodles to be medium-firm. Overall, every aspect of the ramen hit the right notes for me, even though it was my second time having it. 

Other choices on the menu include the likes of Slow-cooked Chicken Broth Soy Sauce Ramen (1,200 yen), Slow-cooked Chicken Broth Ramen flavored with Truffle (1,500 yen), and more. There is also Tsukemen (dipping ramen) like the Chicken and Porcini Mushroom Soy Sauce Dipping Ramen (Regular/Large: 1,200 yen). 

Rants Allocate at least 30 minutes of waiting time and as expected, no reservations are taken. 

Will I Return Again? Kagari Ramen is easily one of the best casual meals I have had in Tokyo, and is one ramen I highly recommend to check out especially if you already plan to visit Ginza. That rich and delicious chicken ramen broth is simply one of its kind. おいしい! 

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 
Overall Experience: 

Ginza Kagari Main Branch 
6 Chome-4-12 Ginza, Chuo City, Tokyo 104-0061, Japan 

Opening Hours 
11am to 9:30pm 

Ranted by The Ranter 

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