Food Review: 3 Best Restaurants to check out in Jakarta

We shared 3 cafes to visit in Jakarta previously, and we can’t wait to share 3 restaurants you have to check out in Jakarta!

Social House

Managed by the same group behind Skye Bar, Social House is a casual dining restaurant located in Grand Indonesia. If you are thinking of having Brunch in Jakarta, then this is the perfect place.
IMG_9980 IMG_9955
Every item we ordered was nicely presented, including our coffee.IMG_9964 IMG_9972 IMG_9957 The Beef Pie with egg and mashed potatoes is so good that we finished it all within minutes.
If you still have space for desserts, the Belgium Waffle is worth trying.
IMG_9967Overall Experience:
Value for money restaurant in the heart of Jakarta to chill out and have a hearty meal. The menu is extensive and the overall quality of the food and coffee is high. What’s more, there is always shopping at Grand Indonesia shopping mall after all the food.
IMG_9953TheRantingPanda says:
Budget: S$15-S$20
Taste Bud: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

Social House
Grand Indonesia, East Mall, 1st Floor


As a 2 in 1 concept spanning across two levels, Mezzanine @ Moovina is part of the other half of Le Jardin @ Moovina. Mezzanine at level 4 of Plaza Indonesia serves contemporary French food, while its sister Le Jardin serves the more casual French comfort food such as pasta and pizza.
IMG_0026Le Jardin reminds me of garden dining with its cosy ambience, while that of Mezzanine is more of a formal dining ambience.
IMG_0009We had the Escargot which was served with a croissant.
IMG_0014Foie Gras on Steak Tartare
Mussels served in three different sauces: lemongrass, white wine and spicy sauce.
IMG_0020Overall Experience: Ambience is fantastic. This seems to be the place to impress your date and I especially like the whole 2 in 1 concept of Moovina. The prices are on the high end by Jakarta standards, but it is well justified by the high standard of the food we have tried. I will want to try the steak or pizza on my next visit if my appetite permits.

TheRantingPanda says:
Budget: S$25 onwards
Taste Bud: 4/5
Ambience: 5/5
Overall Experience: 4.5/5

Plaza Indonesia, 3rd floor/4th floor


It is almost impossible to miss Remboelan, as it spans the whole level 4 of Plaza Senayan. I was initially impressed with the two grand stairs leading up to the restaurant, thinking that it must be a high end Indonesian restaurant. On the contrary, the price is considered mid-range and definitely affordable by Singapore standards. Remboelan serves authentic Indonesian cuisine, and I would highly recommend every one to have at least one authentic Indonesian cuisine if you ever visit Jakarta. 
For a start, I had the traditional coffee which comes in a filter, with the coffee beans originated from Central Java.
Indonesian food is very appetising, and it seems difficult to find an authentic Indonesian restaurant in Singapore.
IMG_0064 IMG_0048 IMG_0059 IMG_0057 IMG_0054 IMG_0062Overall Experience:
An affordable restaurant to try authentic Indonesian fare if you are looking for a good restaurant in Jakarta. The prices are reasonable and the food is truly satisfying.

TheRantingPanda says:
Budget: S$10-S$20
Taste Bud: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

Level 4, unit 401A-401C
Plaza Senayan, Jakarta

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2 Comments on Food Review: 3 Best Restaurants to check out in Jakarta

  1. Photo’s look yummy :). My best friend is actually originally from Jakarta and we have always said one day we would go. Hopefully be able to visit these restaurants if we ever make it there.


  2. Social House is really good! You should try it if you are in Jakarta!


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