Food Review: Gyukatsu Motomura Harajuku, Tokyo | Must Try Delicious & Affordable Grilled Beef Cutlets On Hot Stone Grill

The Place With many outlets across Tokyo including Shibuya and Shinjuku, Gyukatsu Motomura (牛かつ もと村) Harajuku is a value for money Gyukatsu (Beef Cutlet) Japanese restaurant, one of the best causal meals I have had in Tokyo. With prices from 1300yen, the value is unbeatable. 

The space of the Harajuku is extremely small and can only accommodate about ten diners, which explains the snaking queue from its basement entrance to street level. It is a cosy space where you literally rub shoulders with fellow diners.

I had the counter seats, and each seat comes with a personalised stone grill. 

The Food There are only four options on the menu where you basically choose the 130g Beef Cutlet or 260g Beef Cutlet. I had the 130g Beef Cutlet Set which comes with barley rice. 

As orders are taken while you are in the queue, my Gyukatsu set came almost instantly as I settled down into my seat. 

The concept is fun and interesting, as you get to grill the thinly sliced beef cutlet on the stone grill to your preferred done-ness.

It only takes a few seconds on each side of the beef cutlet for it to be quite well-done. I especially love to hear the sizzling sound of the beef cutlet on the hot stone grill. 

On first bite, I was mind-blown by the taste. Very tender beef texture, and that golden brown crispy skin is delicious. 

The set also comes with cabbage, potato salad, pickles, barley rice and miso soup. All the sides are equally good, especially the fresh cabbage with some sesame sauce. 

Try having the beef cutlet with the accompanying soy sauce, which accentuates the flavour of the beef. There is also wasabi to go along if you fancy. 

Rants Ventilation is non-existent in the sense your clothes will smell smoky after the meal. 

Will I Return Again? The value of Gyukatsu Motomura makes it one of the most affordable dining experiences in Tokyo for me. The beef cutlet is delicious, and the personal grilling is a fun one to have. Service is good and the ordering system is very systematic as well. Mark this down in your next Tokyo trip, no regrets. 

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 
Overall Experience: 
Gyukatsu Motomura Harajuku  
Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jingumae, 3 Chome−23−2 地下1階 エヌエスビル 
Tel: +81 3-6434-0655 

Opening Hours 
Monday to Sunday: 11am to 10pm 

Ranted by The Ranter 

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