Food Review: Big Fish Small Fish at Punggol Tebing Lane | 7 Container Dining Concepts at Punggol East

The Place Container dining is finally taking shape in Singapore, least did we expect it to be at the ulu and far flung Tebing Lane in Punggol, right beside Riviera LRT. There are seven new container theme restaurants and eateries, which officially opened few days ago. We dropped by one of the evening and decided to check out Big Fish Small Fish, a small container size restaurant which serves different types of fish and chips. The indoor space can fit less than twenty people, though there are some tables outdoor, at the mercy of the weather nonetheless. The ordering system straightforward self-service fashion – simply choose the type of fish, choose your preferred sauce and top if up with sides if you are ravenous. You will then be given a queue number for your self-collection.


Other than Big Fish Small Fish, some of the other concepts we spotted include a Korean dessert cafe Seoul Good, a beer container Pump Station and a Hong Kong dessert cafe Leung Kee amongst the rest.


The Food Prices start from a reasonable S$6.90 for the Dory dish, a big surprise for us given that this corner of Punggol is already pretty well-established as a dining destination, with the likes of the nearby Popeyes, Whisk & Paddle and Uncle Leong Seafood.


We had the Dory (S$6.90) and Seabass (S$9.90), where each set comes served with freshly sliced fried potatoes and a choice of its home-made sauce. We chose the XO and cheese sauce, and the other two options include salted egg and tartar sauce. The fried fishes surprised us, with its nice crisp batter and we could literally taste the freshness of the dory and seabass. I preferred the much more value-for-money dory, though my partner-in-crime preferred the seabass due to its softer texture. The serving of chips alongside the fishes should more than suffice if you are moderately hungry, without any additional sides.


Other than the savoury dishes, we also spotted churros on the dessert menu which we didnt manage to try this time.

Rants The limited indoor seating capacity will only mean that it is tough for big groups to gather here, unless you settle for the outdoor tables. Do note that the opening hours are not fixed yet at the moment but we were told by a staff that they will be opening daily.

Will I Return Again? For the prices, we were surprised by the quality of the fish and chips we had. The container dining concept is still relatively novel in space scarce Singapore, and this is definitely a good range of options for all North-Easterners. We won’t mind coming back for the fish and chips again at all.


TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket:
Overall Experience:

Big Fish Small Fish
50 Punggol East, #01-K35
Singapore 828826

Opening Hours (Daily but irregular hours for the time being)

Ranted by The Ranter

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2 Comments on Food Review: Big Fish Small Fish at Punggol Tebing Lane | 7 Container Dining Concepts at Punggol East

  1. The waiting time is horrendous! We waited 45mins for the food!


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