Food Review: Fukui Singapore At Mohamed Sultan Road | Enjoy Japanese Omakase In A Zen Space [Closed]

The Place Located within a shophouse along Mohamed Sultan Road, Fukui is amongst the newest Japanese Omakase restaurant to open in Singapore. The restaurant occupies the spot where Hashida Sushi was previously located at, with the interior decor staying very much intact. 

Of course, this is a new restaurant after all, and having been named Fukui, the backdrop of the restaurant has cleverly incorporated the mountainous landscape of the Fukui Prefecture in Japan. This was supposed to the restaurant’s founders next travel destination if the Covid pandemic did not bring a stop to the globetrotting sisters, and explore more of their favourite travel destination, Japan. 

The Food Only Omakase meals are served at Fukui with lunch starting from S$88 and dinner from S$188. For lunch, you can choose from 4 set options, with Mizu (S$88) being a six-course option starting with appetiser, sashimi, grilled dish, mini Bara Chirashi, soup and ending with a dessert. The highest priced Taiyo and Tsuki (S$138) are both 7-course omakase meals with an additional chef’s recommended dish. 

I visited Fukui during dinner time, and went with its namesake Fukui Omakase Set (S$338), a 13-course dinner ranging from appetisers, warayaki, sashimi, grilled, hot and steamed dish, tempura, sushi, soup and dessert. Do expect to enjoy the 13-course dinner over 3-4 hours, with the chef sharing stories over his creations. 

The dinner kickstarted with simple yet appertaining starters, Hotaru Ika with Egg Yolk Mousse and Ponzu Sauce and the Shiro Ebi with Ikura and Caviar

The next dish is prepared with traditional Japanese straw fire cooking method, also known as Warayaki. The chef grilled the Japanese Butterfish, and elevates it with Black Truffle!  

A must have for high end Omakase these days in Singapore, the Bafun Uni wrapped in seaweed and complete with a brush of chef’s signature anago sauce. 

The next course is perhaps my most anticipated – Sashimi! The chef typically showcases the freshest seafood he has for the day, and during my visit I got to enjoy Akasa Ebi (Baby Lobster), Sab (Mackerel), Ootoro (Fatty Tuna), Akagai (Ark Shell) and Kinmedai (Alfonsino). This is followed by a Maguro Consommé to cleanse your palate. 

Cooked items are up next with the Grilled Mebaru (Japanese Rockfish) complete with torching the Avocado Mayo Sauce, which is surprisingly a delightful combination.

The next course, Saga A5 Beef with raw Quail Egg further elevated the dinner. The tender and fatty beef melted immediately, with the rich yolk and salty taste which you get when you dipped into the sauce. 

You get to enjoy tempura and steamed items for their Fukui Omakase course. I had the fried Chi Ayu (Young Sweetfish) and Yam Tofu with Scallop. Love the latter, an unassuming dish that’s very comforting. It reminds me of the traditional Kaiseki meal I had in Kyoto some years back. 

No Omakase is complete without some sushi, and that’s definitely a highlight at Fukui. Starting with Kanpachi with truffle salt marinated spring onion, Chef Nick dribbles his sushi with the same anago sauce used for the Uni dish earlier. 

The Hirame (Olive Flounder) with wasabi and yuzu zest gets my vote for my favourite sushi for the night.

That said, the Negitoro (with uni and ebiko) with anago sauce wrapped in seaweed definitely stole the show with a generous mix of Uni! 

The dinner ends off with an Amberjack Cheek Soup, and of course a serving of some of the best Japanese fruits!  

Rants At 3,000 sqft, this is a huge space for a restaurant with a 12-seater sushi counter, excluding its private rooms, so much so that the entrance was not manned by a staff during my visit. Perhaps an attempt to step up on the intimacy of the restaurant by making it more inviting for guests visiting Fukui for the first time will complete the dining experience here. 

Will I Return Again? Fukui ticks every box of delivering a good Omakase experience. Chef Nick has some serious skills in dishing out good Japanese food during the service, though he perhaps needs to find some of his mojo and create signature items in order to have diners returning often.  

This was an invited tasting, though all opinions expressed are our own.

Make your reservations instantly at Fukui here.

TheRantingPanda says: 
Taste bud: 4/5 
Hole in the pocket: 4.5/5 
Ambience: 3.5/5 
Overall Experience: 4/5 

Fukui Singapore 
25 Mohamed Sultan Road 
Singapore 238969 
Tel: +65 6509 0909 

Opening Hours 
Monday to Saturday: 12pm to 3pm; 6pm to 10:30pm 
Closed on Sundays

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