Food Review: The Original Katong Laksa, Janggut Laksa At Roxy Square | One Of The Best Laksa In Singapore

The Place Laksa is almost synoymous with Katong, and while there are many stalls selling this iconic Singaporean dish in Katong, the most famous of them is The Original Katong Laksa, also affectionately known as Janggut Laksa. The Roxy Square outlet is located in an air-conditioned coffeeshop with ample tables.

A brief background about The Original Katong Laksa from their website is that their founder, Mr Ng Juat Swee, is popularly known as Janggut (beard in Malay). Back in the 40s’, he was already selling his laksa around the Marine Parade beach area. In the early 50s’ with his younger brother Mr Ng Chwee Seng, they sold laksa on a tricycle by Marine Parade beach and their first stall was born in the late 50s’ at 49 East Coast Road, which was well known as Katong Laksa for its location. 

The Food It only sells laksa, and goes by S$5 (small), S$6 (medium) and $7 (Large). We had both the small and medium portions. The flavour is really good, and even with the chilli, it is not at all spicy for me. The laksa broth is ‘lemak’ enough, but not too cloying.

It is best enjoyed just with a spoon (do not ask for chopsticks as the stall will not have that), as the noodles are already cut into short slices. Another reason for using spoon is to have it all with the delicious broth!  

Ingredients wise, there are bits of prawns and slices of fishcake. Of course, most laksa in Singapore comes with cockles as well, just that I requested not to have it as I am not a fan of cockles.  

Rants Not any for me. 

Will I Return Again? This is perhaps the only laksa stall I will frequent in Katong. It is good, affordable and one of the best around in Singapore.   
TheRantingPanda says: 
Taste bud: 4/5 
Hole in the pocket: 2.5/5 
Ambience: 2/5 
Overall Experience: 4/5  
The Original Katong Laksa 
50 East Coast Road 
Roxy Square 
Singapore 428769  
Tel: + 65 9622 1045 
Opening Hours 
Monday to Sunday: 9am 4:30pm 
Ranted by The Ranter 

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3 Comments on Food Review: The Original Katong Laksa, Janggut Laksa At Roxy Square | One Of The Best Laksa In Singapore

  1. Not expectation or ad i orginally remembered.


  2. Jasmine // May 9, 2023 at 12:53 // Reply

    Oldest lasksa shop and the food taste is super


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