Snippets: 8 restaurants to check out this Lunar Chinese New Year in Singapore | Time to start planning the Reunion if you haven’t

Just weeks to Chinese New Year, it is about time to start planning for your reunion dinner or client meals if you are still racking your brain over a venue. The lunar festive period spans across fifteen days, but most restaurants we checked with will be running its CNY festive menu for about a month on average, from mid-Jan to end-Feb. It’s always nice to have a good reunion meal outside without the hassle of cleaning up or preparing, so here are eight Cantonese/Chinese restaurants we have put together worthy of your consideration for a good festive meal to usher in the year of the Monkey.


Hai Tien Lo, Pan Pacific Singapore

One of our favourite Cantonese restaurants, do not miss Hai Tien Lo’s festive Lunar New Year menu from 25 January to 22 February 2016. Some snippets of the menu include the appetising Pan-fried Foie Gras with sliced Barbecued Beijing and Smoked Duck, the nutritious soup of ‘’Buddha Jumps Over the Wall” with Matsutake Mushroom, the flavourful and succulent Braised Whole Abalone with Sea Cucumber and Dried Oysters, signature Traditional Stewed Chicken with Eight Treasures and Lotus Seeds, and festive favourite Barbecued Crispy Whole Suckling Pig.  IMG_7552eFor Yu Sheng, choose from the Prosperity Yu Sheng with Surf Clams and Norwegian Salmon (SGD48, serves four), or Chef’s recommended Wealth Happiness Yu Sheng (SGD168, serves four) featuring a lavish spread of Boston Lobster, Hokkaido Scallops, Surf Clams, Norwegian Salmon, Mushrooms, and Gold and Silver Flakes. The good thing is that there are seven Yu Sheng choices to choose from, priced between SGD38 and SGD228, and are available in both small and large sizes for dine-in and takeaway from 25 January to 22 February 2016. Not forgetting the Pen Cai, choose between the new Classic Auspicious Treasure Pot (SGD238, serves six) with decadent ingredients such as Eight Treasures Whole Chicken, Whole Abalone, Sea Cucumber, or the signature Premium Wealth Treasure Pot (SGD368, serves six) with a range of premium ingredients including Whole Abalone, Pork Knuckle, Roast Duck, Prawns, Dried Oysters and Scallops.
IMG_7512eFor more information on the festive treats, do visit its website.


Jade, The Fullerton Hotel

If you are wondering where’s best to host a Chinese New Year meal to impress your clients, excite the guests and entice your palate, we do recommend you Jade at the historical landmark of Singapore, the Fullerton Hotel. Of course, other than the venue, the food must be equally impressive. From now to 22nd Feb, Jade restaurant will be serving their creations by Master Chef Leong Chee Yeng. One of the highlight here must be their Eight Happiness Gold Rush Yu Sheng with Champagne Jelly, Salmon, Olive Oil and Peach Dressing (from $68 for 5pax). The monkey-shaped greetings will a talk of the table and sure to tempt fellow dinners to take a few good photo shots of it.
IMG_8051eAnother highlight of your dinner will definitely be the Pen Cai at Jade. Done with a twist, the Braised Six-head Abalone, Fish Maw, Sea Cucumber, Deep-fried Fish Maw, Chinese Cabbage, Flower Mushrooms, Roasted Garlic and Roasted Pork in Claypot was done almost perfectly, I could have this simple with a bowl of steamed rice to cap the meal here. Definitely amongst the best Pen Cai we have had this season, available only for dine-on at $58 per pax.
IMG_8084eFor more information on the festive treats, do visit its website.


Li Bai, Sheraton Towers

From 18 January to 22 February 2016, Executive Chef Chung Yiu Ming from Li Bai restaurant has curated nine dine-in reunion set menus that are catered to group sizes from two persons to a party of 10 to showcase a variety of fine festive classics such as Steamed Red Garoupa with Yunnan Ham and Lotus Leaf, Braised Abalone with Dried Oyster and Black Moss, and Imperial Chicken with Conpoy. One of the highlight is the Lobster and Abalone Fortune Pot ($388), which has 19 layers of premium ingredients recommended for six people. Comes with a Salmon ‘Loh Hei’ Platter for a top up of $30.
IMG_7109eIf you fancy a more luxurious ‘Loh Hei’ platter, go for the Lobster ‘Loh Hei’ Platter ($108), which features slices of blanched Boston Lobster atop a mix of ingredients such as Yam, Sweet Potato, White Radish, Carrot, Pickled Ginger and Pomelo. Other notable festive takeaways include the Radish Cake with Conpoy and Preserved Meat ($48 per order) and Buddha Jumps over the Wall with 2-Head Abalone ($568 for 4 persons).
IMG_7061eFor more information on the festive treats, do visit its website.


Min Jiang, Goodwood Park Hotel/One-North

With Min Jiang, we know it will be a deviation from the norm. Some of the highlights for us this year are the Crispy Salmon Skin ‘Lo Hei’ and Fruity ‘Lo Hei’ with Bacon and White Truffle Oil Yu Sheng platter. The Crispy Salmon Skin ‘Lo Hei’ ($118 – large), available for dine-in and takeaway at Min Jiang, definitely scores on its presentation with the hand drawn monkey grasping a mandarin orange. Conversely, the Fruity ‘Lo Hei’ with Bacon and White Truffle Oil  ($128 – large) leans towards a more refreshing taste, accompanied with slices of mango, rock melon, Japanese cucumber, and strawberries. You will love this if you like the aroma of truffle oil.
IMG_6564e If you are planning for a big party or gathering, I was really  impressed by the ‘Gong Xi Fa Cai’ ($298 for eight persons), a huge mahjong tile inspired engraving with the Chinese character 發, which means good fortune made entirely with salt. We were provided with mallets, where we used it to break open the salt crust to reveal the goodness beneath as well as to release the good fortune. Pig’s trotter which has been braised for four hours, Australian 6-head abalones, dried scallops, flower mushrooms and ‘fa cai’ (black moss) await. This is available for dine-in and takeaway at Min Jiang. Other highlights include the Braised Whole Chicken with Sea Treasures in Claypot (Dine-in and takeaway at Min Jiang), Braised Pork Spare Ribs with Sea Treasures in Claypot (Dine-in and takeaway at Min Jiang at One-North), the adorable looking desserts available for takeaway at the Deli such as the Auspicious Blessings cake ($88, 1kg) in the shape of a mandarin orange carrier bag made from earl grey butter cake and the Wealth of Opportunities cake ($88, 1kg) in the shape of a large golden garlic made from chocolate marble cake.
IMG_6632eFor more information on the festive treats, do visit its website.


Mitzo, Grand Park Orchard

If unconventional Chinese cuisine is what you are looking for this festive new year, Mitzo will most probably fit your bill. If anything, the swanky and modern look the moment we stepped into the restaurant is the best testament. For one, the Pearls of Prosperity Kingfish Yu Sheng $68++ (Regular for 4-6 persons) / $108++ (Large for 10 persons) has a concoction of sauces blended and shaken in a cocktail shaker, then poured over premium ingredients such as the highly prized Kanpachi Kingfish, which sits atop a sea of lychee caviar.
IMG_5071eWe do not expect anything less for the Pen Cai as well. Superior Lobster Fortune Pot is as extravagant as it sounds, with an emphasis on the Braised lobster in ‘mao tai’ wine, alongside abalone, dried scallop, flower mushroom, sea cucumber, fish maw, dried oyster, bean curd, cabbage, lotus root, roasted duck and “fatt choy”, topped with crispy roast pork belly. How does cocktail paring with Chinese New Year feast sounds? The bar at Mitzo will be dishing out specially crafted cocktails such as Mandarin Mojito ($20++), comprising of Havana Club, Apricot Liqueur, Angostura Bitters, complete with Mandarin Orange wedges.
IMG_7453eFor more information on the festive treats, do visit its website.


Summer Palace, Regent Singapore

For the first time ever, Executive Chinese Chef Liu Ching Hai and his team unveil the Imperial Feast reunion dinner in the Royal Pavilion Ballroom on February 7, 2016, starting with the Chef’s Smoked Salmon Prosperity Yu Sheng. followed by Mini Buddha Jump Over the Wall and Steamed Soon Hock in Light Soya Sauce, among others. Course dishes aside, there will also be various stations around the ballroom; featuring the delightful Peking Corner, Sea of Fortune, Longevity Fountain and Prosperity Mountain for auspicious favourites such as Braised Dried Oysters with Mushrooms and Sea Moss; Fried Glutinous Rice with Baby Abalone, Dried Shrimp and Cured Meat; and Chilled Pumpkin Cream with Aloe Vera and Sago. The Imperial Feast reunion dinner menu is at $138 per person and starts from 6:30 p.m.
Chinese New Year eve aside, Summer Palace will be dishing out ten specially crafted menus (Gold, Prosperity, Fortune, Ru Yi, Peony, Imperial, Jade, Deluxe, Noble and Phoenix) from January 25 to February 22, 2016. Menus range from $998 to $3,988 for 10 people; menus are also available for four to six persons. Our top pick is Chef Liu’s signature Mini Buddha Jump over the Wall ($118 per person) filled with South African 7-head abalone, bird’s nest, fish maw, sea cucumber and dried scallops, one of the most luscious we ever had.

For more information on the festive treats, do visit its website.


Wan Hao, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel

From 18 January to 22 February 2016, the Prosperity Set Menus is available at $98.80++ per person (4 to 8 persons) to $1888++ per 10 persons. Highlights include Salmon, Scallops, Caviar, Tuna & Lobster Yu Sheng; Salmon Yu Sheng; Braised 3-head Whole Abalone with Baby White Cabbage and Brown Sauce; Roast Duck Marinated with Ginseng Sauce; Sautéed Scallop with Prawn, Asparagus, Macadamia Nuts & Golden Nest; Stewed Sliced Abalone with Pig Trotter, Black Moss and Seasonal Vegetables; Steamed Live Grouper with Sliced Ham & Black Mushroom in Light Soya Sauce; Wok-fried Prawn with Coral Clam, Broccoli & Chinese Rice Wine; Traditional Nian Gao; Wan Hao Signature Roast Chicken with Shredded Fillet; Barbecue Whole Boneless Suckling Pig and more.
IMG_4997eFor celebratory takeaways, go for the Wan Hao’s Deluxe Pen Cai with Nourishing Pig Trotter at $738nett (6 persons)/ $1388nett (10 persons). This pot of prosperity is also filled with 3-head Australian Abalone, Japanese Large Conpoy, Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw, Dried Oyster, Black Mushroom, Prawn, Whole Pig Trotter, Roast Duck, Chinese Cabbage, Black Moss, Mustard Greens, Japanese Turnip and Bean Curd. IMG_7345eFor more information on the festive treats, do visit its website.


Yan Ting, The St. Regis Singapore

From 11 Jan to 22 Feb, Yan Ting will be serving its Lunar New Year a la carte and set menus during lunch and dinner, specially curated by Executive Chef Tony Wun Shun Kong. One main highlight from the festive menu is the Buddha Jumps Over the Wall, which deviates from tradition as it’s prepared braised rather than soup version, packed with premium ingredients such as abalone, sea cucumber, fish maw, oyster and dried scallops.
IMG_6702e Other highlights include the Braised Pig Trotters with Fermented Bean Curd, Fried Prawns with Golden Garlic, Crispy Roasted Chicken. The Fried Prawns is my favourite, fried to crisp golden hue with an ultra crunchy texture. For takeaways, the Pun Choy will be a good option. It comes with fourteen premium ingredients such as abalone, dried oysters, sea cucumber, fish maw and pork belly. Otherwise, you can’t go wrong with the Prosperity Yusheng with Norwegian Salmon, which also come with an abundance of fruits such as marinated papaya, honeydew, peach, pomelo and snow pear.
IMG_6745eFor more information on the festive treats, do visit its website.

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