Snippets: Xperience at SO Sofitel Singapore | Highlights of the the new dishes including the ultimate Xperience dessert

What’s the buzz? With Chef Trevor at the helm, Xperience restaurant located at Sofitel So Singapore in the heart of Singapore’s CBD is a restaurant which showcases modern European cuisine with touches of Asian influences. Chef Trevor gets his inspiration from the seasonality of ingredients, hence the restaurant has recently introduced a few new dishes on its menu.

What’s new? Most of the ingredients used at Xperience are imported from Europe and Australia, with a strong focus on unexpected pairing of ingredients and the employment of French techniques in his cooking.

The Spanner Crab Poached Sweet Prawns (S$25) incorporates Japanese flavours and is served with Lime Mayonnaise, Spring Herbs & Flowers, Seaweed Crackers, Wasabi ‘Snow’, and Sansho.


The Cured Salmon (S$25) may look simply, but there is a whole myriad of ingredients at play here. The Norwegian salmon was cured for four hours with 30 days aged apple juice, Japanese flying fish roe, dill and coriander. Pickled cauliflower was also added to give the dish an added crunch. The overall flavour is a refreshing bit, with hints of citrus and slight tinge of wasabi.


For mains, we love the Beef Short Rib (S$38), which uses Australia wagyu beef cooked sousvide between 36 to 48 hours at about 68 degrees Celsius, giving it a tender and fatty texture. There is also an interesting play on onions here, as the beef rib was served on onion puree, coupled with sides such as tempura of spring onion and onion paper.


Alternatively, the Lamb Confit (S$38) is an interesting choice as it uses meat from lamb neck, served with ginger carrot puree, Kenya beans, asparagus, heirloom carrots and Vadouvan Jus, a type of French spice which smells like the Asian curry we are used to.


For desserts, expect a visual treat with the Chocolate Dome (S$24), which melts away gradually as Hot Vanilla Cremeux is slowly poured onto it, revealing the Hazelnut ice cream within. The resulting texture is neither cold nor warm, which is quite the unexpected for an ice cream dessert.


For something simpler, go for the Carrot Cake (S$22), presented in a deconstructed fashion. We spotted elements of carrot purée, cream cheese foam, carrot chips made from real carrots, maple soil, caramel salted crumbs and apricot sorbet.

The most elaborate dessert experience you can have here is undoubtedly the Xperience Celebrations, relatively exorbitantly priced at S$100++ for four. With such a hefty price tag, you will get to watch Chef Trevor prepare a customised dessert right before you, which is unique in taste and presentation for every diner. We see it as a price tag to pay for a visual performance by the chef more than the end product itself. Kudos to the novelty for such an interesting Xperience on its menu, though we will be curious if this will be well-received by the public. The Xperience Celebrations is most suitable for parties between two to four.


Make your reservation instantly at Xperience here.

SO Sofitel Singapore
35 Robinson Road
Singapore 068876
Tel: +65 6701 6800

Opening hours:
11.30am – 2pm / 12 – 2pm
Monday to Friday: 11.30am to 2pm; 6:30pm to 10.30pm
Saturday to Sunday: 12 to 2pm; 6:30pm to 10.30pm

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