Food Review: Tamashii Robataya at North Canal Road | Possibly one of the best Sukiyaki in Singapore

The Place We have heard rave reviews about Tamashii Robataya from our friends who have patronised the Japanese restaurant along North Canal Road. Located on level two of a building where you will need to walk through a side alley to get to its lift, the offbeat and somewhat underground location of  Tamashii Robataya made the journey slightly adventurous even before our meal. It was almost reminiscent of our Tokyo food encounters where we had to trek for good food, while getting lost at times. Upon entering the restaurant, it felt like a whole new world, quite different from its sister restaurant Bōruto which we had visited previously (read our full review of Bōruto here). The first vibe which struck me was the zen-ness of the predominantly wooden interior, complimented by the warm and cosy lighting. There is a main dining area with a few tables, a few private rooms hidden away from the sight of the crowd, and a long counter seating area which takes centrestage at Tamashii Robataya.



The Food The restaurant has recently launched a new dinner menu, with a focus on sukiyaki and shabu-shabu. Sukiyaki may sound ordinary in Japanese cuisine, but how about having Whisky Sukiyaki instead? Chef Patrick Tan, who helms the kitchen and also the owner of Tamashii Robataya, has introduced the option of adding Nikka Whisky BLACK CLEAR (additional S$40 per table) to the A5 Saga Gyu Sukiyaki set (S$90/pax), inclusive of Sashimi Salad, Assorted Vegetables, Rice and Dessert as well.

In terms of preparation, the Saga beef was first pan-fried by the chef using natural fats from the beef as the oil to give it a nice aroma. We then dipped the sukiyaki into the raw egg in the usual Japanese fashion first, without the whisky component. There was no doubt about the high marble content of the A5 Saga beef on my first bite, which was tender beyond belief. I couldn’t recall the last time I had such fine and tender sukiyaki beef in Singapore.


After sampling the marbled beef in its pure state, whisky was added to our hot pan alongside with the assorted vegetables. I love the whisky component in the beef, which was definitely substantial enough for you to taste it if you are doubting it. The overall flavour of the beef was elevated with the whisky, even though I equally enjoyed it without the whisky component.


On desserts, we tried the Mochi and Honey Truffle Cheesecake, both made from scratch in the kitchen. The mocha texture was so fine that it almost felt like jelly, one of the best renditions I have had. The truffle taste of the honey truffle cheesecake seemed overpowering on first bite, but the flavour gradually grew on me and I appreciated its mix with the honey to give the cheesecake an interesting element instead of the usual.


Rants Not the most affordable of meals, be prepared to splurge during your visit to Tamashii Robataya.

Will I return again? Have and will be returning to Tamashii Robataya. From affordable business set lunches to the whiskey (or sake) sukiyaki which we were here for, we can’t wait to be back for the omakase meals at the bar counters.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket:
Overall Experience:

Make your reservation instantly at Tamashii Robataya here.

Tamashii Robataya
12 North Canal Road
#02-01 Singapore 048825
Tel: +65 6222 0316

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