Food Review: Loof rooftop bar at Odeon Towers | The ever-popular drinking spot in Cityhall

The Place Not a new concept, yet it continues to draw PMETs and a steady crowd even on weekdays. Rooftop concept, albeit not atop a towering skyscraper, Loof rooftop bar located at Odeon Towers in Cityhall offers an urban chic vibe nested amongst old and new buildings in the city. Managed by The Lo & Behold Group, which also boasts the Two-Michelin starred restaurant Odette (read our full review here) under its belt, we know that we will be in for a good night.

We got here on a eve of a public holiday, so you can imagine the crowd packing this outdoor-only venue, and yes, with the humidity of the city bitting into you. How we wished it was truly a 风和日丽 evening.

The Food We strongly recommend the B.C.M. Grilled Cheese (S$18) buns for anyone looking for that hunger-satisfying dish to down with your beer. This really is a melted-cheese toast with minced pork fillings. Sinfully satisfying, and perhaps a good bite to share.

If you love secret menus and exclusivity, we are letting out the secret off-the-menu selection here, with Loof dishing out our favourite instant noodles in a more classy fashion – the  Le Indomee Royale. We felt satisfied with the otherwise normal Indomee which we are all too familiar with, except for the addition of Parma Ham in this ‘atas‘ version, which we felt was overpowering the noodles itself. Regardless, it was still hearty to dig in and we found ourselves wiping off the plate within minutes.

You won’t be doing yourself justice at Loof without sipping your choice of poison for the evening. We tried the Loof Bubble Tea (S$21), and were expecting a milk-based drink, mixing vodka, gin and rum with a series of sour flavours including the likes of orange liqueur, sour plum, passion fruit, calamansi, lemon with yoghurt and complete with tapioca pearls. This was easy to drink, with clear flavour profiles, definitely a good option to start the young night.

Rants The Pandas ain’t cut out for al-fresco dining. We always wish that our tropical climate is less merciless on us.

Will I Return Again? We love the chill-lax vibes at Loof, despite the humidity. And it does serve up some of best bar food we have tried.

This was an invited tasting, though all opinions expressed are our own.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3/5
Overall Experience: 3.5/5

331 North Bridge Road
#03-07 Odeon Towers
Singapore 188720
Tel: +65 6337 9416

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday 5pm to 1am (2am for Friday and Saturday)

Ranted by The Rantee

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2 Comments on Food Review: Loof rooftop bar at Odeon Towers | The ever-popular drinking spot in Cityhall

  1. I tried this place for a drink, and found a rowdy crowd smashing their drinks on the floor. Maybe an unlucky choice of night. Will try again for food!


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