Food Review: Lucali BYGB At Kampong Bugis, Kallang | Famous Brooklyn Pizza From New York City Opens In Singapore

The Place The most exciting new restaurant opening for me since circuit breaker ended in Singapore. I was excited to press the reservation button and check out Lucali BYGB located at Kallang Rivergreen Building during their first week of dine-in operations with their pizza menu ready for diners. Lucali is a famous pizza brand from Brooklyn, New York City and Singapore is its first overseas outpost, being a collaboration between BYGB Hospitality and Lucali. The restaurant takes up the previous space of Kilo Kallang, which used to be one of my favourite dining spots. With that, I am happy to say that Lucali BYGB has kept the space pretty much intact.

The familiar minimalist interior and white walls, except for the long bench tables which are new. You still get that amazing view of Kallang River, and it still feels like an oasis in the city fridge.

The Food Good vibes aside, I was really here for the famous pizza. Don’t be too shocked to realise that the menu is extremely concise, and it is probably the first time I only see one pizza option on the menu. Yes, I am referring to Our Original 18″ Pie (S$55). Not to freak out yet, you still can customise this pizza from the various topping options (additional S$5 for each) such as Pepperoni, Onions, Mushrooms, Anchovies or Sweet Peppers.

For two of us, this pizza looks humongous, but not unmanageable. The highlight of this huge pie lies in the secret tomato sauce along with the three types of cheese on the pizza. I chose to add mushrooms as topping, and the texture of the pizza here is relatively thin.

The edges of the crust is crispy, and I must say that the flavour of the tomato sauce way overpowers the cheese. That was a surprise for me, or my taste buds might be way too sensitive to tomato as opposed to cheese. Overall, the pizza flavour is good though not life-changing for me.

Pizzas aside, there are also pastas, salads and calzone on the menu. I went for the Lasagna (S$35), a delicious mix of parmesan, beef and béchamel.

It is a very well-balanced play on the ingredients, and definitely a good complement to the pizza.

I didn’t go for dessert as I was filled at the end of the meal but if you wish, there is a small selection of pie and soft serve ice cream.

Rants Prices aren’t cheap for the pizza, and it is also a function of its one size option. Size definitely matters at Lucali BYGB.

Will I Return Again? I like the dining vibe at Lucali BYGB and I highly recommend if carbs is your favourite friend. The brand exudes an Indie vibe to me, and this is definitely a fun dining spot to hang out again. That said, it is not a place I will return for pizza specifically as I would rather head to Blue Label Pizza & Wine for my pizza fix.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket:
Overall Experience:

Lucali BYGB
66 Kampong Bugis
Level M
Singapore 338987
Tel: +65 8284 1325

Opening Hours
Tuesday to Friday: 4pm to 9pm
Saturday & Sunday: 12pm to 9pm
Closed on Monday

Ranted by The Ranter

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  1. yeah – cool place but seem like it was better occupied by good ol’ Club Kilo


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