Food Review: Katong Delights At Figaro Street | Rustic, Under-The-Radar Home-style Peranakan Restaurant In East Coast

The Place Figaro Street is alien to me and if not for Katong Delights, I probably would not have come across this quiet street in Singapore. A space which feels more like home than a restaurant, Katong Delights was an accidental discovery when I was searching for a casual Peranakan meal in the east. There are barely any reviews online, so I came with an open mind. 

The interior of Katong Delights is somewhat stuck in time. It is quite cluttered, and there are only two tables which makes walking in an impossible feat if you are thinking of an impromptu meal. The owners of Katong Delights also own a catering business, and this dedicated space feels like a passion project to me rather than a restaurant proper. Think table cloth and chairs from the 1970s, which add to the retro dining vibes.  

The Food There are no visuals on the menu, though you can expect to find a good variety of Peranakan dishes at wallet-friendly prices. 

My meal started with some Nonya Otah Special (S$8.50) mackerel, a thick slab of mildly special Otah which uses generous portions of mackerel. A good starter for 2-3 diners to share. 

I like the Hee Peow Soup (S$16), also known as Nyonya fish maw soup. The portion size fits our table of four well, where the comforting soup is light yet delicious. You get slices of fish maw and meatballs. 

The Hae Cho (Prawn Rolls S$9.50) is a great starter as well if you are looking for an easy dish to share. It has a nice crispy texture and goes well with the accompanying sweet chilli sauce. 

One of my usual orders at Peranakan restaurants is Ayam Buah Keluak (S$16), and this version comes with two nuts by default and you can request for more nuts. A dish which takes much skills and time to exercise perfectly, the buah keluak here is not as flavourful as some others I have had before. The gravy and chicken though are not too bad. 

For the price, the Assam Fish Curry (S$16) is good value. You get a fresh flavour of the chunky fish meat soaked in the flavourful curry sauce which is not too rich, where the dish is best enjoyed with some white rice along with the Mixed Vegetable Curry (S$9). 

My least favourite dish is the Honey Plum Pork Rib (S$16). Not a dish gone bad per se, but the fried pork rib does not leave much of an impression and I am not fond of the honey plum coating as well. 

Rants Extremely limited tables where reservations are a must. 

Will I Return Again? Katong Delights must be one of the most unique dining places I have been to in recent years. No fancy decor, elaborate menu, or an air-conditioned space. It actually feels more like dining in someone’s living room with a blast to the past, and for the time I was dining there, the whole experience does not feel like I am in Singapore. 

The service is very personal, as chef Alan shared with us his life stories and if you are lucky, you might also hear him sing while dining as he used to be part of a band. Prices are inclusive with no service charge and GST. Head here for a no frills, comfort homecooked Peranakan meal.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 4/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

Katong Delights 
1H Figaro Street 
Singapore 458322 
Tel: +65 6441 1792 

Opening Hours 
Tuesday to Sunday: 12:30pm to 9:00pm 
Closed on Mondays 

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