Snippets: PasarBella Singapore (Further Updates)

As promised, theRantingPanda is back to rant about our second visit to Pasarbella. Being such an interesting addition to Singapore’s food scene, Pasarbella has lots more to offer than what we have already managed to cover in our earlier posts – Pasarbella and Pasarbella Updates.

P1000812The freshness of the seafood served at Oceans of Seafood was put to the test with tRP giving its fresh Prawns (S$17 for 10 prawns) and Bamboo Clams ($8 each) a try – we were indeed impressed. Kudos to OOS on delivering its promise of providing quality seafood, but we ain’t that sure on its affordability and more importantly, the ‘enjoyment’ factor. As with the service experienced by most, the staff did not seem to be able to articulate the modus operandi of the restaurant and most diners were left to figure out the ordering system on their own. Hopefully, their staff will be better trained over time. We would recommend any patrons to request for more of the sauces served with your orders, simply because they are damn good (finger lickin’ good!). P1000823While most should not be unfamiliar with Charly T’s, with other branches in Dhoby Ghaut and Katong, this home-grown brand vouched itself for serving the “Best in the City” Signature Rotisserie Chicken. Pardon tRP, but we beg to differ. The half chicken tRP had was a far cry from being the city’s best, notwithstanding the disappointing Pork Ribs that came in a set ($35). The chicken did not wow despite the proclaimed thirteen-hours marination, coupled with the tough and overcooked Pork Ribs, we would recommend diners to spend their calories elsewhere.P1000822

P1000821Le Patio always attract a crowd in the evening as its chef puts up a show on its preparation of its famous Paella ($11.90) – Spanish slang for Fried Rice. Done with a wok that can pack up to 60 orders of Paella at one go, don’t be surprised if it is sold out even before the first round of order is served. Definitely worth a try.P1000826We also took the opportunity to savour the small plates at Five & Spice Kitchen. Both the Red Pesto Spaghetti ($8.90) and Truffle Macaroni ($8.90) was okay, a tad disappointing considering the stall’s seemingly strong focus on herbs and condiments. The Iced Teh Terik ($2.50) is a good thirst quencher for any one looking for a traditional local drink in the new pasar.P1000819


P1000829Although tRP may not have bought any from The Cheese Ark, the staff were really helpful in helping us learn and appreciate cheese. Do make sure you check it out in your next visit to Pasarbella!P1000814Pasarbella
The Grandstand, Level 2
200 Turf City Singapore 287994
Tel: +65 6887 0077

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4 Comments on Snippets: PasarBella Singapore (Further Updates)

  1. This is a great post about pasarbella Singapore
    You can also find great food deals at


  2. Beezy please // May 8, 2014 at 04:27 // Reply

    Paella is not “slang” for fried rice. It is a Valencian staple from Spain, a rice that is prepared usually in an iron cast over an open flame typically prepared with seafood. Just as Paella is not “slang” for fried rice Laksa is not “slang” for noodles.


  3. Azimuth CH // October 20, 2014 at 11:42 // Reply

    Nice post on PasarBella. Had a recent terrible experience at Cicely Kitchen (f.k.a. Five & Spice Kitchen) in PasarBella though.

    My partner ordered Brussels sprouts and sauteed mushrooms at Cicely Kitchen. Was informed that it would take 5-8mins. Instead, she was made to wait over for 30mins.

    When asked if the food was ready, the staff’s reply was there were many orders before hers. My partner’s sis told the teenage staff that he should have informed my partner earlier instead. We had gotten other food and were waiting for her return.

    I guess this comment must have peeved the boss Alicia Lin off. She came over, scooped the food from the cooking pan and chucked it to my partner & her sis. She said curtly “Nah, take it, take it.”

    Unfortunately, the food was not worth the wait of my family of 7 as both dishes were overly salty. Not wanting to waste our appetite on mediocre food (no problem though with the Boston lobsters, prawns, fish, paella, crackling roast, Iberico pork, russian cakes and the wonderful ale that we ordered), I took the sprouts back to Cicely Kitchen, told the crew that it was too salty and they can have it back. Sauteed mushroom got chucked unceremoniously into the bin. Anyway, I was not expecting any money back.

    I believe if you want to run a F&B business, the least you can do is to be respectful of your patrons and cook them decent food. Else, you really should not be in this line. Based on what I read in The Straits Times SoShiok article, maybe home cook “extraordinaire” Alicia Lin knows that the end is near hence the terrible attitude.

    Don’t take my words for it. Maybe my palate was tainted by the Iberico pork and lobsters. Try Cicely Kitchen again and see if you like the food or service.

    Well, I certainly didn’t……


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