Food Review: Spring Court

The Place The self-proclaimed oldest restaurant in Singapore, Spring Court was established in 1929 and currently has its only restaurant in Chinatown area at Upper Cross Road. A visit to the restaurant will definitely bring back much memories for many folks whom have dined at the old Spring Court along Zion Road (also famously known by its Chinese name – 詠春园 Wing Choon Yuen). The restaurant was also featured in the Mediacorp’s feature movie “It’s a Great, Great World” back in 2011. Spring Court is definitely a must-try for all locals and tourists alike, to have a taste of a truly local Chinese cuisine.

P1010412The Food Our visit was in conjunction with the restaurant’s 84th Anniversary celebration, where any order above $84 would entitle diners an order of its legendary Peking Duck for only $0.84 (no kidding, 84 cents). More on the Peking Duck later. First dish for the dinner was Spring Court Popiah, which many might find it familiar with the popiah we have at our heartland coffee shops. However, the quality of the fillings here would put most popiah stores in Singapore to shame. The Spring Court Popiah is Fresh, Crunchy, Savoury – one of the best popiahs tRP ever tried.P1010414

P1010415No Chinese meal should start without a soup and with tRP’s love for soup, that wouldn’t be something missing from our meals. We decided to order the Double Boiled Prawn Dumpling Soup, which tastes heavenly. While nothing too unexpected from a good Chinese restaurant, we would like to give credit to Spring Court for its consistency all these years.P1010416The highlight of the dinner – Peking Duck (again, costing us 84 cents exact). The expectations have been played up with many rave reviews of this signature dish at Spring Court, only to feel a little disappointed. It was good, just not raving good. The Peking Duck skin together with the ‘Mandarin pancake’ and the never-enough dark soy sauce, was savoury to say the least. However, it was not comparable to those tRP had before (Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck and Wan Hao ). Still, kudos to the service staff for ensuring that any ingredients of the Peking Duck was topped up immediately whenever it is depleted – down to the sliced cucumber.P1010417Spring Court also served really fresh seafood – Steamed Live Tiger Garoupa. This will rarely go wrong so long as the seafood is fresh.P1010418For lovers of Sea Cucumber – another typical Chinese Restaurant dish.P1010420The final dish of every Chinese meal – either a Rice or Noodle. Keeping to traditions, tRP ordered the Braised E-Fu Noodles with Crab Meat in Superior Stock. Perfect way to round up a satisfying local meal.P1010421

P1010423Rants Parking can definitely be a problem in the vicinity. While valet parking is available, not everyone is fond of such service.

Will I return again? For traditional local Chinese cuisine, yes. But there are many Chinese restaurants in Singapore which are able to give Spring Court a run for its money. The only way to combat this threat is to continually ensure the consistency of the food quality.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 3.5/5

Spring Court
52-56 Upper Cross Road
Singapore 058348
Tel : +65 6449 5030

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