Food Review: Compl(i)ments Of | Pop-up cafe in LIttle India [CLOSED]

The Place Pop-up stores seems to be the new fashion these days, with the latest player being Temporium, a cool pop-up store right smack in the middle of Little India which is slated to last for only six months. We navigated through the busy and haphazard streets of Little India to find the chic store along Dunlop Street, which is in stark contrast to the adjacent old shophouses. Combining a retail space to showcase local designers wear, an art gallery and a cafe, Temporium is ambitious by trying to house a lifestyle concept all under one roof.
IMG_8315The cafe wing of Temporium is Compl(i)ments Of, a collaboration between Papa Palheta and Wild Rocket. It is a very small cafe which at most seats only 20 people. The raw modern industrial is appealing, though the high traffic of the cafe makes the place feels a little too fast paced with no privacy.

The food There is only one choice of mains on the menu, which changes every week apparently. Breakfast in the form of Half Boiled Eggs and Croissant is also served till 11am only. I would think that the coffee is the more popular option on the one pager menu. There are pairings of the coffee with pastries such as croissants as well.
IMG_8298 IMG_8301We did not manage to try the mains as it is only served from 630pm, so we settled for the coffee instead. The Hot Latte ($6) is served nicely in a board, designed by Weekend Worker, which I totally adore. The coffee maintained its standard of Papa Palheta, which is strong in acidity and medium bodied. Complimentary cookies is also served with the coffee in a petite serving.
IMG_8306 IMG_8309The Iced Latte ($6) does not come with the presentable board like the Hot Latte unfortunately.
The food is limited, while the place is too small to chill for long. Bring enough cash if you visit Compl(i)ments Of as it only accepts cash payments.

Will I return again? The Temporium and Compl(i)ments Of concept is cool, but it feels out of sync with the surrounding Little India, which can get too busy and messy on weekends. tRP does not feel relaxed during our visit as it feels too cramped. We will give this a miss and hopefully the refreshing concept will settle at a more ideal location permanently.
IMG_8317TheRantingPanda says:

Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 2.5/5
Overall Experience: 3/5

Compl(e)ments Of
72-74 Dunlop Street,
Singapore 209400
Tel: +65 6438 0363

Store/gallery Open Tue-Sun 10am-8pm
Café open Tue-Sun 9am-10pm

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2 Comments on Food Review: Compl(i)ments Of | Pop-up cafe in LIttle India [CLOSED]

  1. Is their mains section extensive? Sounds tempting to you? Haha


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