Snippets: PasarBella & Friends Go To Town – Review

The Place We broke the news last month on our Pasarbella post that it will be in town this month and here it is! I think it is a refreshing idea to have this farmers’ market to be in tune with Marina Bay Sands i-lights Festival this March as well, since it is definitely a good chance for diners to watch the pretty spectacular light show while eating or chilling along one of Singapore’s best city view.  IMG_0507The food market is quite well set up, especially with the spacious arrangements of the vendors as well as the novel use of recycled materials from wooden crates to metallic containers. IMG_0519This can be a great ambience for some alfresco chilling and casual dining location if the weather permits.IMG_0527IMG_0561IMG_0558The Food We were drawn to Keith Crackling Roast amongst the vendors, which sells Roasted Pork Belly as $8 for the small portion.IMG_0517Sadly, it was not served hot enough. The taste is quite average as well, as it lacks aroma.IMG_0537The Gourmet Pie Company is our second stop, which we tried the Steak and Cheese Pie ($5). This is really worth trying, very good value for money as well for some generous steak portions in a pie. IMG_0540For beverages, we were sold by the idea of Cold Front Co., which sells Cola drinks imported from New Zealand. IMG_0565There are a few flavours such as Lemonade and Ginger, but we chose the Cola flavour which turned out very refreshing and not as sweet as the usual soft drinks.IMG_0567Rants To be honest, I was expecting more food vendors so the choices may be limited for some people. For some of us who have been very used to the vendors at The Grandstand, this city version can be disappointing as it lacks surprise.

Overall Experience Interesting concept in the city by importing the farmers’ market from The Grandstand to town. Hopefully, this will be back next year with more surprises.IMG_0552Where: Event Plaza @ Marina Bay Sands
When: 7 to 30 March 2014 4.30pm – 10pm (Mondays to Fridays) 10am – 10pm (Saturdays and Sundays)

For more information, do visit the official PasarBella website.

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