Snippets: Start clicking your way to 1872 Clipper Tea


tRP loves tea. It is especially soothing during a busy day at work or sipping a hot breakfast tea on the weekends – perfect.

And when it comes to choosing our daily treats, you will be surprised by the variety of options out of the supermarket shelves in Singapore! Fact is, Singaporeans enjoy their cup of coffee and tea. The (almost literal) explosion of the coffee & high-tea culture in the last couple of years would have caught many by surprise and it seemed like there’s no point of return. Some of us even bought the coffee machine into our kitchen!

Unlike coffee, tea bags are easily accessible for all. Just a pour of hot water & ta-dah! Now, 1872 Clipper Tea intends to making it even simpler now, by allowing you to buy the tea bags online!

Yea… selling things online ain’t that a new phenomenal, but what if delivery is free when you spend just more than $50, what if there are new and seasonal blends exclusively available only their online portal, what if there are members-only special promotions and offers, what if the website offers you more insights and tips for the best brew?! Now, here’s what 1872 Clipper Tea wants to offer its tea-lovers!1872 Clipper Tea (1)

Be ready to navigate your way through the 1872 Clipper Tea portal through any mobile device you may have! Just make sure you are buying your tea from the right Clipper Tea (p.s. there’s another Clipper Tea based in the UK), so make sure you see the numerical 1872 on your tea bags! Support the local Singapore brand!1872 Clipper Tea (2)

Do visit the website for more on your next brew. Remember to add yourself to their mailing list too!

What are you waiting for? Start brewing………!

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