Food Review: Whale and Cloud | Hole-in-the-wall cafe lost in space [CLOSED]

The Place Since Papa Palheta closed, I never really come across a hole in the wall café until Whale and Cloud. This is probably the best kept secret (though not so anymore) around Niven Road, which might pose to be a challenge for some to find, as aptly put across by their slogan: many will seek but not all shall find.

Head straight to the back alley of the front door at 48 Niven Road, where the real entrance is. Even the back alley entrance door is so dreamy and fantasy inspired, check out the 48 3/4 mark. Is there really a Harry Potter world behind the dreamy blue door?IMG_5189The seats are really limited, so expect to wait up till an hour to get in given that it opens randomly. There are no dining tables so everyone was sitting in an orderly fashion. The interior reminds of some café in Korea or Japan, feels so out of the world.IMG_5157IMG_5182The Food Cakes and coffee is all Whale and Cloud offers. We checked out Whale and Cloud on a Saturday afternoon after getting learning they would be opened. There was some slices of Carrot Cake left when we arrived. As for coffee, the beans are sourced by the owner from all over the world, so it really varies. Choice of coffee is really simple, black or white. As for the price, the cake is $5/slice, while the coffee is totally up to you. Pay as you wish concept is something we should have more in Singapore, given that consumers have the discretion to pay according to the level of their satisfaction. Of course, this is also a double edge concept.IMG_5177I had the White Coffee which was quite strong and bitter, not that I was complaining. It was really cosy to sit in with random people, sipping coffee and simply soaking in the atmosphere. The dreamy interior made me feel out of the world for a moment.
IMG_5161The carrot cake was quite good as well even though it was a really small slice. IMG_5147Rants This is not a café to sit and chill for hours, simply because the space is so small and seats are so limited. We also noticed that once you are done with your food and coffee, the owners will drop subtle hints for you to leave. It does not take a sensitive creature to sense that. We totally understand that there is a world of people waiting to get in.

Will I return again? Though the concept of Whale and Cloud is not something novel, it has been generating some serious buzz among the hipster population the last few weeks. We still prefer the café where we can chill and stay as long as we wish, no offence here. It is also not a case of whether I will return again but more a case of when it will open again.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 3/5

Whale and Cloud
48 Niven Road

Opening Hours:

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