Food Review: The Alley Cafe | Decent cafe along Keong Saik Road [Closed]

The Place As though Keong Saik Road is not haps enough, the latest addtion to one of Singapore’s most exciting food street is The Alley Cafe. We were greeted by the old school entrance of a shophouse, which added flavour to the cafe even before we stepped in.
IMG_9104 The cafe is not big yet it feels spacious at the same time. It sounds contradictory, partially because this new cafe is still very quiet when we visited. We managed to land our lazy arses at the comfy sofa seats, perfect spot for a lazy Saturday afternoon.
IMG_9099The Food The range of options on the menu is quite wide by the normal cafe standards. Other than breakfast fares such as Eggs Benedict ($19) and Silver Dollar Pancakes ($10), there is also Truffle Mac and Cheese ($15), pasta such as Truffle Carbonara ($15) and Aglio Olio ($12) and sandwiches such as Truffle Egg Mayo ($8). This is when we have the first world problem of too many choices.

What is a cafe visit without a taste of its coffee? Our Flat White ($5) and Latte ($5) were both served in beautiful latte art, with a nice medium body.

IMG_9074 We decided to try the Greasy Spoon ($16) as we were feeling greedy and famished. The Alley Cafe’s version of big breakfast platter was decently satisfying, with quite a spread from the pork sausage to bacon to the scrambled eggs on toast.
IMG_9093The dish which got us fighting for the spoon was in fact the Truffle Mac & Cheese ($15), which has four types of cheese with ham and truffle paste. The cheese was amazingly good, not sure if it is because it was a mix of four different types. As for the truffle paste, we just wished that it was more generously spread.
IMG_9086Rants It’s just a cafe that charges decent prices for rather decent brunch. But we ain’t sure just being decent will allow Alley Cafe to survive for long here.

Will I return again? Like our rants, it’s hard to find a reason to return. It ain’t bad, don’t get us wrong. It just didn’t wow us enough for a return – come here once though, to soak in the comfy sofas and sip a good latte!

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Overall Experience

The Alley Cafe
21 Keong Saik Rd, Singapore 089128
Tel: +65 6223 1334

Opening hours:
Tuesday-Sunday: 10am-9pm

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