Food Review: Brunches Cafe | Vintage cafe along Rangoon Road

The Place There seems to be no saturation point for cafes along Rangoon Road. Opened merely few days ago, Brunches Cafe is a vintage theme cafe which joined the ranks of veterans such as Jewel Coffee in this hip stretch. I was stunned by how pretty the set up of the cafe is, with most of my attention on the vintage car near the the entrance which I foresee will be perpetually occupied. IMG_6664The vintage details is amazing, from the old metal gates to the tables and clocks, the effort in sprucing up the whole place is commendable. In fact, the vintage items on display with price tags are all for sale if you fancy to bring it back. IMG_6697e IMG_6657eThe Food As the name suggest, brunches. For a cafe, the menu is quite extensive. From the eggs benny to waffles to cupcakes, it seems like a promising start till we tried the food. The coffee uses beans from Papa Palheta, but the Cafe Latte ($4.50) I had was not as punchy as I imagined it to be. IMG_6679As I was too full from my previous meal, the only item I tried was the Waffle with berries and strawberry ice-cream ($13.50). This is by far the worst waffle I had for a long while despite the pretty plating. The dry texture, bland taste of the waffles coupled with the bad strawberry ice-cream made the dish destine for a disaster. Three of us could not bear to finish it, and we conclude the berries are the best here. Definitely a lot of room for improvement. IMG_20150221_122614Rants To be fair, I only tried the waffles so I would not want to slam the cafe for bad food since I didn’t really try the other cooked dishes such as the brunch items which I assume is their calling. That said, $13.50 for the bland waffles is too much to ask for.

Will I return again? Beauty is only skin deep, it probably takes lots of convincing for me to be back. Good food still goes a long way in running a cafe business. I sincerely hope the rest of the menu is up to standard as I believe Brunches Cafe is capable of better standards if they can conceptualise such a pretty cafe.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 1/5
Hole in the pocket: 3.5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Overall Experience: 2.5/5

Brunches Cafe
94 Rangoon Road
Tel: +65 8685 8488

Opening Hours:
Monday – Sunday: 9am – 7pm
Closes on Tuesday

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  1. looks cool!!!


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