Food Review: SELA Restaurant @ Seah Street | Modern European cuisine with a twist [CLOSED]

The Place Modern European cuisine, there seems to be many restaurants who offer that but not many are memorable. SELA Restaurant, located at Seah Street just beside Raffles Hotel, is one Mod European restaurant which tries to offer something different. Opened less than a year, the space of SELA (means Rock in Hebrew language) is an inviting one, especially with the clean look with the use of a few colours and hints of rock on some sides of the walls. The ambience is cosy, and most importantly, it has a casual setting which does not make the place too imposing or pretentious.

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Update: SELA Restaurant is now closed.

The Food
Headed by local Chef Shahrom who was trained in Italy for some years, there are some twists to the Modern European food which we are used to seeing. I was excited to hear that because I have always like the element of surprise, especially when what I see on the table is not what I expected it to be, in a good way of course. Interestingly, the menu changes every month, it may be the same fish in different condiments or an entirely different meat next month, just to offer diners the element of surprise as well when they next return. Kudos to the team here for the effort in crafting a new menu every month, I can already feel the passion in this restaurant.

There are also some really interesting and happening themes on various days of the week. Every Thursday is the exclusive charcoal grilled Tapas night, at $40+ per person, you will be served an unlimited spread of tapas with free flow house wine/prosecco, a very good deal for those who enjoy drinking. This menu changes every week but you can expect some of the below which we had on a Thursday night, such as Grilled Squid, Salmon, Pork, Scallop and Prawns. Yes, there is a lot of seafood, which goes perfectly with wine.

For a start, we tried some of the specially crafted Japanese beer, which is pretty special considering the source of the beers. The Swanlake Porter from Niigata ($22) is quite a dark flavour beer with hints of cocoa. The Swanlake Koshihikari Rice Lager ($22) from Niigata, harvested from one of the most expensive rice in Japan, has a tinge of citrus taste.

For the meats, we tried the Herb Crusted Lamb Rack with Grilled Eggplant, Potatoes and Green Peas ($34). As a lamb lover, I would recommend this dish to even the haters! No overbearing taste of the meat, with the herbs crust helping out on that.

The Risotto Nero with Sea Urchin, Bamboo Clams, Orange, Watercress and Fish Flakes ($36) is quite a different take on risotto for me as it was my first time trying risotto with squid ink. The Uni taste is infused in the risotto, which gave it an added sophistication to the taste.

My favourite of the night was the Baked Miso Chilean Seabass with Edamame, Wolfberries, Baby Carrots and Dashi Cream ($30). I sliced the almost perfect firm texture of the seabass and soaked as much of it in the creamy dashi sauce, which tasted so heavenly. The freshness and quality of the seabass is amazing, which leaves no wonder that this dish is one of the all-time favourites at SELA.

For desserts, I could not resist trying the Lemon Cheese Tart with Pistachio Macaroon ($15). There is a fine balance between the lemon and cheese flavours, but my favourite part is actually the Pistachio Macaroon which left me impressed with its slightly crisp texture and strong pistachio flavour. Hiding at the back is Sela’s Chestnut Mont Blanc with Cassis Coulis ($16).


To add, for Monday & Tuesday, its BYOB at Sela. With Wednesday’s cocktails going at $8 each, and Friday and Saturday for those who celebrates Mussels Day! As for Sunday, it’s time for the folks to take a break from the hectic week!

Rants Their menu changes with the season. While it excites the regulars at Sela, your favourites at this 8-month old restaurant doesn’t stay long.

Will I Return Again? For the same reasons as the rants, there seems to be a reason to return to Sela every season! Thumbs up for their food, as with the various nominations as New Restaurant of the Year. I can be sure to say “we will be back”! 

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 4/5

32 Seah Street
Singapore 188388
Tel: +65 6337 6358

Opening Hours
Mon to Sat: 11.30am – 2.30pm, 5.30pm – 11pm
Closes on Sunday

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