Food Review: Haha Sushi at Aperia Mall Singapore | Another laughing good meal? [Closed]

The Place The look will remind you of Haha Thai, only because it was designed by the same person! The high ceiling make up for the lack of natural lighting, in a mall more famous for its 24 hours Tim Ho Wan than anything else. But because of that, Haha Sushi gives you the high ceiling, large personal spaces between tables and enough carparks to take-away that usual Singaporean worry. And yes, it is walkable from the nearby Lavender MRT station too!


Designed to look minimalistic, even the conveyor belt at Haha Sushi uses magnetic rollers to make the sushi plates go in circles atop a glass panel! While a small gimmick, I came to conclude the guys behind both the Haha branches do take their work passionately – and hopefully that transpires with the food here!IMG_5300e

The Food Haha Sushi serves affordable Japanese fare. You can expect the usual set lunches and attractive set meals here, as you can imagine the diners crowd at this rather quiet mall – at least for now.


Just a shout out, they are having a SG50 Lobster Fiesta promotion now at $50! Didn’t manage to try this yet though, since we were too full after having a satisfying meal!


You don’t start any Japanese meal without this – Sashimi Salad ($8.80)! It’s what you expect from a Japanese restaurant here in Singapore, until you try their Haha House dressing.


Yellowtail Carpaccio ($12.80), not something I would have typically ordered. I like the sauce, a mix of sesame sauce, topped with salmon roe. That said, if I am keen to have some sashimi, I will just go for the raw fish itself.


We love our Salmon, don’t we? The most popular fish amongst the locals was done as a pan-fried Salmon Butter Steak ($8.80) here. Considering the affordable price range, this is an a-ok rendition. Probably giving the skin a crispy texture, and perhaps, a fresher fish?


It is Cod Fish, otherwise known as Gindara as well. The Gindara Misoyaki ($12.80) is a must-try here for me, since it combines my favourite japanese cooking style with my favourite fish – oh my god! Felt that the chef could do with a stronger miso paste though, since cod fish are generally quite light on the palate.


I was most excited about this dish, the Golden Soft Shell Crab ($12.80); the Golden here refers to Salted Egg, now you know why I am all excited! But this rendition was disappointing. The salted egg paste was fell short of expectations, tasting a little too cold and bland. Probably adding a whole lot more salted egg yolks and heating up might just do the trick?


What’s Haha Sushi without the sushi?! They offer a wide range of sushi, the usual in every Japanese outfit. We bite into their Haha Roll ($7.90), with the crisp rice coating providing a very unique texture but the Japanese rice was a tad too dry for my liking.


This must be one of the most value-for-money Foie Gras I ever had. At only $10.80, this Foie Gras Teriyaki (60grams) is well seasoned and done up almost perfectly. Make this a must-order here, it’s not all about the calories sometimes!


If there’s anything that Haha restaurants do well, it is in their desserts. The Ice Cream here goes for just $2.20 a scoop, with flavours ranging from Sesame, Yuzu (Sorbet), Green Tea and the other norms. Their ice creams are thick, smooth and yet packing the enough punch of each of the flavour in each mouth full! Make darn sure you end the meal with at least a scoop of these, you are bound not to regret it.


Rants Most Japanese restaurants tends to have an exhaustive menu, covering all the pockets of Japanese cuisine. I say, focus in and trim it down. Probably doing only what you do best, might do the trick in the long run.

Will I Return Again? Hits & Misses. There are just too many Japanese restaurants in Singapore, and to attract repeat customers you will probably have to serve the real deal or serve it affordable. Haha Sushi tends to swing to the latter. If I am in the area, and after being unimpressed with Tim Ho Wan just way too many times, I might just pop in for Haha Sushi for some cosy, modest Japanese meal.

Make your reservation instantly at Haha Sushi here.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 2.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3/5
Overall Experience: 2.5/5

Haha Sushi
Aperia Mall
12 Kallang Avenue #02-07/08
Singapore 339511
Tel: +65 6702 4589

Opening Hours
Daily: 11am – 10pm

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