Snippets: Emporium Shokuhin at Marina Square | 34,000 sqft Japanese Live Seafood Market with 8 Dining Concepts! [Closed]

What’s the hype? Possibly Singapore’s largest Japanese themed Supermarket + Dining concepts. Located at the new extension wing of Marina Square, Emporium Shokuhin packs a live seafood market, a million-dollar beef dry-aging facility and eight brand new Japanese dining concepts all in one space!



The live seafood markets promises to bring in not just some of the popular Japanese fresh selections, but Emporium will also source for interesting seasonal live catch from around the region and beyond. With at least 3 arrivals weekly, the live seafood stock gets replenish often, with current selections including the Alaskan King Crabs, Snow Crabs and live Oysters!



What got me really excited was the beef dry-aging facility here! This special room was built to allow the beef to aged in a temperature and humidity controlled glass room, with Emporium looking to have its beef aged between 14 to 40 days. We can even view the different cuts of beef being aged across the varying days from the glass panels, with various cuts from the USDA Prime grade beef, the Japanese A5 Miyazaki beef and also the grass-fed Australian beef.


What are the 8 dining concepts?

Senmi Sushi – Giant Chirashi Don and Makis, those are the highlights here.


Umi + Vino – Giving the vibe of a Californian Seafood Bar, with a premium setting, head here if you are looking to indulge in some fresh Crabs and Oysters, paired nicely with wines to unwind after a long day at work!



Gyuu+ – Yakiniku with selections from some of the most premium beef cuts and bite into the meats aged at the in- house facility.

Kohi-Koji – Japanese inspired Cafe and Bakery. Shop till you drop at Marina Square, then chill here for a much needed respite.

Burosu Honten – Gyoza and Ramen. One of their highlights is the Wagyu Beef Gyoza, yet to give this a try, but it is tempting me already!

Tsukeru Shabu-Shabu – Do we need to explain further? A key highlight is the range of Asian broths available.

Takujo – The only fine dining restaurant at the Emporium. Go for the Omakase, or so we heard, and be blown away by some of the freshest catch imported from Japan and beyond.

Ready to Eat – As its name suggests, this is tucked at the corner of the supermarket, where office crowd can grab their takeaway meals. With selections from sushi boxes to bento, my only qualms is that I don’t happen to work near Marina Square!

Emporium Shokuhin
6 Raffles Boulevard #01-18
Marina Square
Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6224 3433

Opening Hours:
Daily 1130am to 10pm
Some of the restaurants opening hours may vary

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