Food Review: Tiger’s Milk at The Club | Ann Siang Road’s answer to Peruvian cuisine

Tiger's Milk

The Place The first Peruvian bar in Singapore? As exotic as it sounds, we were quite excited to check out Tiger’s Milk at The Club along Ann Siang Road, the rooftop bar and grill concept of the lifestyle and hospitality concept. Interestingly, the name ‘Tiger’s Milk’ is a loose translation of Leche de Tigre, the Peruvian citrus-based marinade used to cure seafood in ceviches. Located at the rooftop level, there is an open terrace with alfresco seats and a live grill station. For those who fancy some air-conditioning, there are limited indoor tables.



The Food Helmed by Chef Hajime Kasuga who has more than 20 years of culinary experience specialising in Mediterranean, Japanese and Peruvian cuisine, the menu features Peruvian classics with a local twist.

For a start, we had the Tiger’s Milk Trio from the Para Picar (small plates) selection where shots of seabass and octopus are served in three different variations of spiciness – Amarilla, Ricoto and Nikkei. I don’t hold my spice very well, so even the mildest Amarilla was a challenge to stomach in one shot. We learnt that this is how Peruvians cure their hangover, and we are damn sure it works, if you are up for it.


One core dish of Peruvian cusine is Ceviches. I have always been a salmon fan, so it came as no surprise that I love the refreshing Salmon Nikkei, where thin slices of salmon are dressed with yuzu and ginger, then balanced with a spiced kick from wasabi tobiko and aji rocoto.


Comparatively, the Classic Seabass Ceviche ($14) had fresh seabass marinated in citrus, tossed with chopped Aji Rocoto, red onions and grilled corn and served with sweet potatoes. Both Ceviches have very distinct flavours and were equally refreshing on the palate, so if I were to choose one, I will still go for the Salmon Nikkei, purely going by my personal penchant for salmon.


Another cold dish we had that I was particularly fond of was the Causa ($16), packed with layers of potatoes, shrimps and sliced avocado with Aji Amarillo and topped with chopped eggs. The ingredients are simple but the combination was divine. I was impressed with the firm texture of this dish, which really whetted my appetite.


From the Anticuchos (mains) selection, we tried some really adventurous treats, such as Lamb Heart and Pork Neck and Shishito. Grilled by the chefs using Argentinian parilla grill at the open terrace, we could definitely taste the smokiness in both grilled dishes. I was initially skeptical of trying the lamb heart, but I thought I should just be game enough to give this classic Peruvian dish a try. It sounds heartless but the lamb heart was surprisingly tasty, marinated in harissa paste and red wine vinegar and grilled to tender texture.


You can’t really go wrong with grilled pork, so if lamb heart sounds too much for you to stomach, the equally well-grilled Pork Neck and Shishito is a good alternative.


Food aside, traditional Peruvian cocktails are also at the heart of Tiger’s Milk. Do not leave without trying the Pisco-infused concoctions such as Pisco Sour, a classic Peruvian cocktail with bright citrus flavours balanced on a sweet note with a smooth finish.


My favourite is the Coco Con Pisco, which is infused with local flavours such as pandan and kaya with pisco, and served in a fresh coconut. This drink really epitomises the fact that so long as the mix and proportion is right, any kind of diverse cuisine can blend seamlessly in terms of taste and flavour.


Rants There are no pictures on the menu so it might be difficult to visualise what you are ordering, especially for Peruvian cuisine novices like ourselves. That said, be adventurous and be surprised, this is part of the dining experience and food exploration.

Will I Return Again? It is a strong Peruvian theme at Tiger’s Milk, which should appeal to the discerning bar crowd who are seeking to try something different. While there are many rooftop bar concepts in Singapore, we like the refreshing concept of Tiger’s Milk and will put this on our recommendation to our friends and colleagues.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 3.5/5

Tiger’s Milk
28 Ann Siang Road
Singapore 069708
Tel: +65 6808 2188

Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday: 5pm to 1am
Friday to Saturday: 5pm to 2am

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