Snippets: Poached, scrambled or fried? | A special Krug x Egg edition at JAAN Singapore

Jaan, Swissotel The Stamford

What’s the Buzz? On 23 June 2016, the House of Krug launches its book in Singapore, Poached, scrambled or fried?, the second global publication of the series of unexpected food pairings with its luxurious champagnes. Krug x Egg is the second global edition of the Krug Book, where each year a single and unexpected ingredient is selected by the House of Krug and the seventeen Krug Ambassade Chefs around the world would create recipes around the ingredient as a base. Through the book, House of Krug celebrates the passion, diversity and joy that surround a single ingredient – this year being the humble egg, and also the chef’s creativity and imagination. Yes, you didn’t hear wrongly, eggs. I was surprised this simple ingredient was chosen as the theme for Krug this year, not to mention that I have never thought of how eggs can be paired so well with champagne.


Who are the Krug Ambassades? Each of the Krug Ambassades in Singapore will be offering a Krug Champagne pairing with their existing menus, in addition to the egg dishes they are creating in parallel with the new book launch. There are only three Krug Ambassadors in Singapore – Chef Christopher Millar of Stellar at 1-Altitude, Chef Kirk Westaway of JAAN and Chef Ryan Clift of Tippling Club.

The Egg Dishes
We had the Liquified Omelette with smoked eel and crispy shallots by Chef Ryan Cliff, Carabinero Prawn Carbonara with Parmesan cream, egg yolk in smoked oil and bacon ash by Chef Christopher Millar and the Purple Artichoke with Soft Hen’s Egg and Joselito Ham by Chef Kirk Westaway, all paired with Krug Grande Cuvée. I often think that the simplest ingredient is the hardest to present and execute well, but all three chefs have done an exemplary renditions to showcase the infinite possibilities of toying with eggs.

If I were to list a favourite, it will be Chef Kirk Westaway’s Soft Hen’s Egg as this dish was visually too stunning. Get your cameras ready please.

The dishes here are presented at a special event at Jaan in collaboration with Krug, where the three local Krug Ambassades showcased their dishes.

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