Food Review: 218 Zhong Xin Hokkien Mee at Punggol | Best Hokkien Mee in the North East, walking distance from Soo Teck LRT Station

The Place Located at a quiet western corner of Punggol, this relatively new Tastebud Eating House is perhaps the only choice for many staying at the Matilda district here. Despite so, the residents are indeed lucky to find themselves in the safe hands of some rather good hawkers, compared to their peers in the area.

Walking distance from Soo Teck LRT Station, the coffee shop is well located with other convenient shops as well, including the up-and-coming supermarket, U Stars Megamart.

The Food If this is your first visit here, we implore you to go for the Hokkien Mee at 218 Zhong Xin Hokkien Mee. We are quite convinced this is possibly the best Hokkien Mee at the Northeastern part of Singapore.

Done slightly wet, you can expect 218 to serve you your plate of Hokkien Mee in no time as they typically prepare large servings of their noodles ahead and simmer them over low heat – which frankly made the noodles softer in texture. We liked the balance of the prawn soup base used, although we wished they could give the other ingredients here like the prawns and squid some warming up before serving – the chef just simply adds the cold pieces of cooked seafood to the noodles before plating them.

218 also serve up other items including Char Kway Teow, Orh Lua and Carrot Cake, although we found them unimpressive – not that it was bad though.

Rants Limited seats here, so make sure you avoid peak hours and perhaps just packet them home if you want to avoid dining in the not-so-well-ventilated coffeeshop.

Will I Return Again? It’s near home, so it wouldn’t be long before we return for some hearty and good Hokkien Mee.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 2/5
Ambience: N.A.
Overall Experience: 4/5

218 Zhong Xin Hokkien Mee

Tastebud Eating House

Ranted by The Rantee

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6 Comments on Food Review: 218 Zhong Xin Hokkien Mee at Punggol | Best Hokkien Mee in the North East, walking distance from Soo Teck LRT Station

  1. Personally, the hokkien mee from this stall is one of the best hokkien mees that I’ve tasted in my whole entire life, no kidding (and I LOVE fried hokkien prawn mee)! I was very surprised to find such amazing hokkien mee just a walking distance from my flat (always tapao-ed back – maybe would taste even better if freshly eaten at the coffeeshop). Hope that word gets out and that the stall becomes more famous (which they deserve to).


  2. Didn’t get to try the Hokkien mee cos they say don’t have (not sure why but was disappointed) and ask me to take char kway teow (bo bian so try Lor). Agree with tRP, nothing to shout about, normal type of char kway teow u can find anywhere in SG. Will come next time to try my luck again and see got Hokkien mee or not. FYI, it’s 230pm when I ordered, not sure if it’s not selling Hokkien mee in the afternoon or not.


  3. Just ate them today and the food were terrible. We had hokkien mee, char kway teow and black carrot cake. Not sure is it e 2 chefs are not e famous uncle or what. E char kway teow is like eating charcoal. Tasted so burnt. Carrot cake tasted weird. N hokkien mee is definitely nothing to rave about. Disappointing.


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