Food Review: The Masses at Beach Road | New casual dining concept by Founder of Saveur

The Place Opened by one of the founders behind the popular Saveur at Purvis Street, The Masses seeks to bring back the original vibes of Saveur through affordable French cuisine to the masses. Stepping into the restaurant, the small space has been nicely decked up in a casual setting with pastel colours and plastic greens plants. With less than 30 seats indoors, there are another 10 odd seats outdoor, along the busy Beach Road.

The bar overlooks the entire restaurant, which gave the service crew a good view of the entire restaurant – though it did not quite help, since we had difficulty trying to get the attention of any. Having said, just before our visit, the restaurant was met with a temporary power shutdown, and the restaurant promptly informed all the diners with reservation on the delayed opening for lunch service. We were delightfully impressed, despite the delay.

The Food Unlike the Saveur, we did not find the prices here low comparatively though. And with the food scene having evolved quite substantially since the start of this decade, many of the dishes here are no longer as intriguing. A classic which we were familiar with back in Saveur was the C&C Pasta (S$14.90). The C&C here refers to the Crab and Caviar, which admittedly the restaurant was rather generous with their portions. You can go for the petit size at S$9 if you are looking for some cold pasta as an appetiser.

Another starter you must order is The Egg (S$9). You can either have it hot or cold, and it is basically Japanese chawanmushi topped with lots of ikura and potato chips. Presentation is on point, making diners excited to dig in with their spoons. Enjoyable, but we are unsure of its value proposition here.

Unfortunately during our visit, our top choices for the mains are both not available – the Pork Loin and Braised Short Ribs. Keen to try what the restaurant presented as their signatures, we were recommended their US Black Angus Striploin (S$22.90). Honestly a very uninspiring and typical take of it, rather bland.

Our other diner companions went for the Fish & Chips (S$14.90) here, and perhaps we should have. Again, nothing surprising here, but with the fresh fish and crisp batter, this was fortunately or unfortunately the best main we had at The Masses.

Another main option we had was the Honey Garlic Miso Chicken Breast (S$13.90). Despite it being the breast meat, it was juicy and tender, although it was not what would make me return again.

Rants Service was rather lacklustre despite the small size of the restaurant. No one bothered to take our orders after a long whole and initiation from one of us, neither did our cups of water get refilled along the way without us prompting. Lack of passion, maybe?

Will I Return Again? Just on the rants alone, we are not too excited to return. And it doesn’t help that the food did not impress.

TheRantingPanda says
Taste bud: 3/5
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 2.5/5

The Masses
85 Beach Road, #01-02
Singapore 189694
Tel: +65 6266 0061

Opening Hours
Daily 12noon to 930pm (9pm on Sunday)

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