Snippets: The 10 things you must-do and must-eat at Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich – The hub of picturesque Switzerland, often mistaken as the capital of the country, Zurich holds a special place in my heart since my undergraduate exchange days years ago. It may not have most famous landmarks like Eiffel Tower and Big Ben, but the capital of chocolates and global wealth management hub has much more to offer in terms of food, nature and scenery. Here are the top ten spots we recommend if you are looking for a diverse experience in Zurich!


1) Take in the view of Zurich from Lindenhof

The best views are usually free and that applies to Lindenhof, situated on the Lindenhof hill right beside Limmat River. This spot offers a good panoramic view of the old town and Grossmünster Cathedral. Grab a coffee and some snacks and sit by the edges, it feels like life’s complete. 


2) Enjoy the pastries at the Schober Peclard Café

Located in the heart of Zurich old town is  Schober Peclard cafe, one of the oldest and most traditional in Zurich. The interior spans across three storeys, but do expect a queue especially on weekends as it is very popular amongst locals and tourists. The ambience exudes that of the old European charm with a somewhat fantasy setting. The beautiful display of desserts and pastries as you enter was amazing. Great spot to stop by for a tea break and hot chocolate.


3) Indulge in chocolates and pastries at Confiserie Sprüngli

During my exchange days, I was a big fan of Confiserie Sprüngli, which you will likely spot in almost every big city in Switzerland. This Swiss  confectionery manufacturer was founded way back in 1836, famous for its chocolates no doubt and its irresistible pastries and sweet treats. There is a Sprüngli cafe near Zurich Makn Station, at Paradeplatz, a good spot to take a tea break after all the exploration and shopping. Don’t leave without trying its signature mini macarons called “Luxemburgerli”.


4) Check out Freitag’s Flagship Store in Zurich

Home to the Freitag brand, we had to check out its ultra cool flagship store near the Viaduct. The unique building is made up of containers, where you get to shop from a wide range of its classic Freitag products. That said, the best part about this container building is that you get to go all the way to the rooftop and catch a beautiful glimpse of Zurich city. 


5) Shop and eat at Zurch West – Viaduct

A different kind of shopping experience we had in Zurich was our visit to the Viaduct in Zurich West. This area is a nice mix of food, apparel and lifestyle stores created under 46 viaduct arches, stretching about 550 metres. Do check out the Market Hall where you can sample fresh produce and get some grub.


6) Take a stroll around Lake Zurich

A 2km stroll along Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich will bring you to the lower end of Lake Zurich, a picturesque part of the city where the water is clean and you can opt to hop on a cruise to take in the mountainous scenery and sights. If you are not in a hurry, we definitely recommend taking the scenic cruise.


7) Visit a Christmas Market

Christmas markets are a big highlight if you ever visit Switzerland in winter. There are different traces of the Christmas Market in Zurich main city centre, from the main station itself to the main shopping street Bahnhofstrasse. Don’t leave without trying the Swiss Raclette on potatoes!


8) Try the Cheese Fondue at Swiss Chuchi

A visit to Switzerland is never complete without having a cheese fondue meal. There are plenty of restaurants in Zurich where you can enjoy this local dish, where we tried it at this highly rated restaurant in Zurich Old Town called Swiss Chuchi which was really good.


9) Take a tour in Zurich Old Town

The good thing about Zurich Old Town is that it is a short walking distance from Zurich Main Station. We found joy in exploring the. Arrow lanes and cobbled streets of the old town area where you get to see much of the Medieval houses from the Renaissance period, as well as one of the main landmarks, Grossmünster Cathedral.


10) Shop along Bahnhofstrasse

Lastly, you can’t leave Zurich without taking a walk down the most famous street in this picturesque city, Bahnhofstrasse. As the main shopping belt in Zurich located right outside Zurich Train Station, this is the best place to shop with all the big International brands and departmental stores.


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