Food Review: The Tastemaker Store at Havelock Road | Cosy Cafe at Beo Crescent Market

The Place Cafes at the void decks of old neighbourhoods have been trending the past years, which is definitely a good sign as it injects more vibrancy in these estates. I finally found the chance to visit The Tastemaker Store at Havelock Road, a modern café with a clean vibe at the void deck of an old estate.


My first impression of the café was: Did I just enter a Muji store? The wooden tables and neat setting of the café coupled with some retro elements such as the beige tiles at the counter create a rather comfy and chill-lax ambience, totally a perfect spot to enjoy some good food and drink.


The Food The offerings here are a mix of Asian and Western, from the likes of Kaya Toast to Ham and Cheese Sandwich and Pizza. New additions are added periodically, as we spotted Curry Chicken on our last visit. I ditched the usual cafe latte by going for the Matcha Latte ($5) instead, which had a nice matcha aroma and taste. The sweetness was just right as well even though there was not much latte art to speak of.


The Lemoncurd Toast with clotted cream ($3) on the menu caught my eye and I thought that it was a rather unique combination. The toast was not the usual toast from coffees joints, as it was more like a bun. The clotted cream blended well with the lemon curd to give the toast a refreshing taste. Thumbs up. I opted for the set, which came with half boiled eggs. Now this is a complete toast set.


Rants The menu might be too limited for some people who are looking to have something heavy.

Will I return again? The cosy ambience is definitely a strong draw at The Tastemaker Store for me. The prices are also quite reasonable by cafe standards with the decent food quality. Can’t wait to return again.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 
Hole in the pocket: 
Overall Experience:

The Tastemaker Store
Blk 22 Havelock Road #01-705
Singapore 160022

Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 11am-10pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10am-10pm

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