Food Review: Antea Social At Jalan Besar | Tea-rific Teahouse To Get Anti-Social

The Place Located at Jalan Besar, first got to know about Antea Social when we visited Nesuto at Tras Street back in 2017. Since, Antea Social has evolved from just a booth in the patisserie to a full fledged teahouse – with a very zen vibe, best for a soothing weekend afternoon.

Upon stepping into Antea Social, the light wooden panels with light pink and subtle gray walls and flooring, it immediately calm your soul; yes, welcome to the world of tranquillity. Notice the soft textures of the furniture, and the signature round window at the store front, making sure no sharp edges in the room – the attention to details in Antea Social is perhaps what will bring tea lovers back.

The Food Visit Antea Social for tea and sweets, as this is all they offer. Nothing more is required though, otherwise Antea may end up losing its charm as one of the rare few serious teahouses in Singapore.

Choose from a selection of teas including their Signature Teas, Classic Tea selections, Antea Social’s own tea creations and even Kombucha. And despite the exhaustive list of options to select from, both the Pandas decided on having two of the Oolong selections for our afternoon here.

First tea, the Wenshan Pouchong (S$6 for hot, S$6.50 for iced) is from Taiwan’s northeastern Pinglin district. The tea has characteristics of a green tea, with floral notes, hints of jasmine and a fragrant aftertaste.

Another Oolong tea, the Oriental Beauty (S$6 for hot, S$6.50 for iced) is from Hsinshu, Taiwan. The tea has a fruity aroma, and a sweet aftertaste. As preferences for tea choices is rather personal, it all boils down to your mood of the day, and pick for the tea which will soothe your soul best.

While at Antea Social, make sure you go for the cakes too. Was very impressed by the Honey Earl Grey Hazelnut (S$8) which I had here. Very balanced, soft and not overtly sweet, pairing very well with the tea.

Rants Would much prefer their cakes to be inspired by their tea offerings, which we only spotted the Earl Grey cake.

Will I Return Again? We are already planning our next visit. Antea Social will be my go-to teahouse to escape from the world outside, aptly named indeed.

TheRantingPanda says

Taste bud: 4.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 5/5
Overall Experience: 4.5/5

Antea Social
9 Tyrwhitt Road
Singapore 207528
Tel: +65 6493 0120

Opening Hours
Sunday to Thursday 1130am to 9pm
Friday & Saturday 1130am to 10pm

Ranted by The Rantee

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