Snippets: Best New Restaurants In Singapore In 2019 | And Some Of Our Best Meals This Year

The Most Michelin-Worthy New Restaurants

One chapter a year, and Preludio started with a Monochromatic theme headed by Colombian Head Chef Fernando Arévalo. We like how the black and white theme resonates strongly throughout the dinner course, and there are often surprise moments from the visual presentation to the flavours. We are still surprised that it is not listed in the Michelin Guide 2018. Come and be surprised. [Read more here…]

It was awarded One-Michelin Star this year even though it is less than one year old, table65 is undoubtedly Resorts World Sentosa’s most promising restaurant of the year. Our first dining experience earlier this year when it just opened was amazing, as the fine casual concept around the kitchen breaks the boundaries between the kitchen and our food effortlessly. [Read more here…]

Olivia Restaurant & Lounge
Not Spanish, but Catalan cuisine. Located along Keong Saik Road, there are many favourites for us at Olivia Restaurant. The dishes are inspired from cities like Barcelona, and spots Mediterranean elements as well. Save some space for desserts, as the Olivia’s Creamy Homemade Cheesecake still ranks among the best dessert we had this year. [Read more here…]

Cheek Bistro
It has clinched One Michelin Star just six months into its opening, though it is unsurprising as well. Cheek Bistro is the new Cheek By Jowl, where the latter closed down last year and reopened as Cheek Bistro this year. There are many hits for me at Cheek Bistro and the Chicken Liver Parfait itself is enough reason for me to be back. We enjoy the fine casual vibes and it is great if you do not like the typical format and constraints of fine dining. [Read more here…]

The Most Awe-Inspiring Restaurant Interior

Dining with a view, that sums it up though not quite. Vue is OUE Dining latest F&B concept located on level 19 and apart from boasting a panoramic view of Singapore’s splendid skyline and bayfront, the restaurant’s interior is amazing. The high arch ceiling makes the whole dining space like a sophisticated tunnel, where its interior light dances occasionally by changing colours, like aurora just to exaggerate a little. [Read more here…]

The entrance to Marina Bay Sands’ Koma Singapore is perhaps amongst the grandest of restaurants in Singapore. Lined by tens of red Japanese Torii gates, the 20 meters long entrance walkway resembles that of Kyoto’s Fushimi Inari Shrine. At the end of the walkway, be in awe with the 2.5 meters tall Japanese bell which can seen at both sides of the bar and the restaurant proper. The eye-catching and somewhat dramatic setting of Koma is designed by architectural firm Rockwell Group, which is also behind Singapore’s W Hotel in Sentosa and Indonesia’s Omnia Club in Bali. [Read more here…]

The Most Memorable Casual Dining Restaurant

Kai Duck
By the same team behind Kai Garden, Kai Duck has some of the best Peking duck and Peking duck inspired dishes at wallet-friendly prices. Go for the Crispy Bun with Sliced Peking Duck, Mini Burger with Peking Duck Salad or the Peking Duck Salad Handroll. [Read more here…]

Yun Nans (云海肴)
This is probably the most surprise entry for us, as we didn’t harbour high expectations when we visited the restaurant at Jewel. As the largest Yunnan restaurant chain in the world, the restaurant specialises in Gao Yuan Liao Li (高原料理), or Highland Cuisine, where you can expect dishes such as its signature Steamed Pot Chicken Soup and a Singapore exclusive Yunnan Rice Noodles in Prawn Broth with Black Truffle, inspired from our local prawn noodles. The flavours of the dishes are generally robust, yet not overly spicy, which makes it an ideal spot for gatherings to suit different palates. [Read more here…]

Roketto Izakaya at Relish
This is the evening concept by Chef Willin Low at Relish Frasers Tower, and we like the Mod-Sin creations which are affordably priced. Dishes pay tribute to familiar Singaporean fares, like the Aburaage Rojak Salad, Har Jeong Tin Gai and Nasi Lemak Chicken Wings. Needless to say, you can also enjoy a wide range of Japanese sakes by the glass, or bottle. [Read more here…]

Izy Fook
We like Roast Paradise for its Char Siu, so it come as no surprise that we had a good meal at Izy Fook. The menu is a take on Izakaya, with local dishes taking the spotlight as well. Other than dishes like the signature Char Siu, the varied menu also offer dishes like Wagyu 2GR Oyster Blade, Superior Prawn Mee Pok and Steamed Clams in Dashi. [Read more here…]

We were surprised by our first meal in the nine years old restaurant, which defies all norms of Middle-Eastern cuisine. Instead, the dishes are tweaked to suit the local palate and we enjoyed dishes like hummus and kebab at Artichoke which are not our usual favourites. Don’t leave without trying the popular Green Harissa Prawns as well! [Read more here…]

The Most Drool-Worthy Hawker Food

Chuan Kee Boneless Braised Duck (全記鸭饭)
The Rantee loves a good plate of braised duck rice, hence we are subconsciously on the hunt for the best in Singapore. This popular Michelin Bib Gourmand 2018 entrant serves delicious duck rice from S$3, with very flavourful and beyond tender braised duck meat. The secret dark sauce plays a big part in the flavour, and you have to go for the fragrant yam rice. [Read more here…]

Zai Shun Curry Fish Head
Come to Zai Shun Curry Fish Head if you are in Jurong, one of the Michelin Bib Gourmand contenders. Prices of the dishes at this coffeeshop are reasonable, and you can’t go wrong with dishes like the Steamed Red Garoupa, Braised Duck and Dong Po Rou. (Read more here…)

The Restaurants Worth Flying Down For

We never expect to travel to Kuala Lumpur just for a meal, but Nadodi has successfully changed our perception of the fine dining scene in the capital of Malaysia. The contemporary South Indian cuisine is located opposite the iconic Petrona Twin Towers, and offers Tasting Menus from MYR360++. The dishes and gastronomic journey here are largely inspired from spices from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Sri Lanka. Come with an open mind, and you will likely leave feeling impressed. [Read more here…]

The highlight of our Taipei trip this year is no doubt our meal at Raw, one of the toughest restaurant to snag a table in the whole of Taiwan. This is the best way to experience Chef Andre Chiang’s and team creations again for us after its eponymous Restaurant Andre closed in Singapore. The dining ambience is less formal at Raw, while the attention to details in each course is no less. [Read more here…]

Forget about Gaggan which has closed in Bangkok, head to Gaa instead as it is helmed by Chef Garima Arora, the first female Indian chef to be awarded a Michelin Star for the same restaurant. Expect a 10- or 14-course tasting menu here where dishes are inspired from Indian and Thai ingredients and be surprised along the way. Gaa is also ranked on Number 16 spot of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants 2019, And also the Highest New Entry Award 2019.

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