Hotel Review: Bay View Room At The Fullerton Bay Hotel | Spectacular View Of Singapore’s Skyline And Marina Bay

The Hotel Having stayed at The Fullerton Hotel Sydney in February this year (right before Covid hit us hard in the face), I was excited to check out The Fullerton Bay Hotel for the first time. The waterfront hotel is part of the historic Clifford Pier and by extension of the historic structure, it is now a 100-room waterfront hotel located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District and arts and cultural precinct.

Upon entering the main hotel’s entrance, the first sight to greet guests is the grand interior of The Clifford Pier, which is also a popular dining concept and wedding reception venue. The lobby is located all the way at the end of the building, as I walked past The Landing Point, another popular spot for afternoon tea in Singapore.

The check in process was seamless as I had to fill up an online pre-check in form a few days beforehand. One of the staff then walked me through to where my Bay View Room is located inside level 4 of the hotel.

The Room There are two main views for this property – city view or bay view. As you can imagine, the bay view is one big selling point of the property and the Bay View Room commands a higher price point expectedly. Being a Singaporean, I was still quite blown away by the view the moment I entered the Bay View Room. Beautiful view of the Marina Bay waterfront, and this is probably the closest I have been to the waterfront from a room.

The Bay View Room is quite spacious, boasting a floor plan of 46–53sqm (495–570sqf). I like the nice ceiling height of the room which lends it a certain grandeur, with a floor to ceiling window. For tourists, I can imagine that most should be very pleased with this clear city and waterfront view in such close proximity.

It also comes with a balcony, and I appreciate that there is a small comfortable sofa by the corner for guest to soak in the view in comfort.

Some key highlights of the waterfront view include the Marina Bay Sands, Art Science Museum and the newest kid on the block, the first Apple Store on water in the world.

There are ample charging points beside both sides of the king size bed, with an in-room iPad to browse through the hotel’s facilities, restaurants and information about Singapore.

I also appreciate that there are a couple of Nordic Water bottles in the room, sufficient for a one night stay.

For business travellers, there is also a spacious work desk for laptop usage. Other key highlights of the room is the Harmon Kardon Bluetooth speakers, comfortable and spacious sofa right beside the balcony and a bathroom which overlooks the room and the Marina view.

The bathroom comes with a bath tub no less, complete with a small TV screen for the tub lovers.

I love Balmain collection bathroom amenities, and it also comes with separate shower and toilet zones.

If you have deeper pockets, go for the Premier Bay View Room (58sqm) which comes with a spacious sun deck; or go for the Premier Bay View Room with Jacuzzi (58-59sqm). Both room categories are located on level one, and offers the closest view to the waterfront.

The Facilities The view is one key selling point of The Fullerton Bay Hotel and if you do not manage to book the Bay View Room, the rooftop pool and jacuzzi pretty much makes up for it. Book your pool slots in advance if possible, though I didn’t have much issues during my stay as I was able to visit the pool multiple times.

The pool size is very decent for a city hotel and offers an awesome view of the skyline! I like the sun deck chairs in the water and managed to chill here during my stay.

That said, the most exclusive part of the pool are the two private jacuzzis which gives a bird’s eye view of One Fullerton, Esplanade, and a partial view of Marina Bay Sands.

The gym is located at the pool level as well, though it is quite small and only accommodates two persons at one time. There is one treadmill for use, and limited stations for weight training. The good thing is that though small, it offers a view of the city and the pool.

If you fancy a pamper on yourself, there is The Fullerton Spa though this is located in The Fullerton Hotel right opposite The Fullerton Bay Hotel.

The Restaurants There are a couple of dining concepts in the property and La Brasserie is the spot where breakfast is served. This restaurant is beautiful, as it has very high ceiling and a good dose of natural light in the day.

The breakfast menu offers a good selection of local delights and international options, where I managed to try dishes like the Poached Egg, Nasi Lemak and Mee Goreng. Every table is also served individual portions of fruits, choose of yogurt and a bread basket for sharing. I am also glad that there is no limit on your order, so feel free to try as many dishes as you can stomach.

Breakfast hour aside, La Brasserie is a French restaurant and I managed to have dinner here during my stay. I had the Epicurean Dinner By The Bay (S$74.80++ per set (Worth: S$88++) menu as part of an e-voucher. For a 4-course dinner with 3 accompany wines (50ml each), it is quite a good value for dinner. Some highlights on this dinner menu include Escargots, Champignon & Truffle Potage Soup, Crispy Duck Confit, and Traditional Creme Brûlée.

The Landing Point is a popular afternoon tea spot, and it boasts a beautiful city view.

I only found out during my stay that there is also daily happy hour served here in the evening where Single Malt Whisky goes for S$11.

The Clifford Pier is another beautiful dining destination in the property which serves a weekend Heritage Dim Sum Brunch.

Another drinks concept is the Gin Parlour located at the al fresco area of The Clifford Pier. I only happened to know about the Gin Parlour during my stay as well, though I didn’t manage to try the drinks here. There are over 200 labels of gins here.

Rants For drivers, the carpark is not directly within the hotel property but part of One Fullerton. If you plan for a spa treatment during your stay, it is a short walk to The Fullerton Hotel located diagonally opposite.

Overall Experience The Fullerton Bay Hotel is one of the best city waterfront hotel in terms of location and view. I appreciate the fact that the hotel is very well-maintained, clean, and the staff makes an effort to provide good service from the restaurants to the facilities. Room prices are not cheap admittedly, which makes it an ideal staycation venue for celebratory occasions.

The Fullerton Bay Hotel
80 Collyer Quay
Singapore 049326

For more information, do check out The Fullerton Bay Hotel website.

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