Food Review: Beaulieu House Restaurant At Sembawang Park | Dine In Century Old Building With Views of Johore Straits

The Place Located at Sembawang Park, Beaulieu House Restaurant is located within the century old historical building Beaulieu House. Built in the 1910s by a Jewish family, the building was later acquired by the British colonial government and managed as the residence for the Sembawang Naval Base’s Admiral till the early 1970s when the British withdrew its last troops from Singapore. Post withdrawal, the building is under the care of NParks, and have been leased by the same family behind Beaulieu House Restaurant (fka Sembawang Seafood Paradise) since 1981. 

Surprised to find this restaurant while searching for a dinner location in the north, though perhaps a good idea to head here for an early dinner to enjoy the beauty of this historical building before the sunset. Whilst there is an air-conditioned dining area, do recommend you to dine at the main dining hall to immense into the vibes of this old building. 

The Food Admittedly, the food here did not impress. Serving local Chinese zichar style food as well as Western food, the food here will remind you of your neighbourhood zichar stall – so the travel here may not satisfy your palate as much as the opportunity to dine in this historic building. 

Based on some recommendations from the wait staff, decided to order some of the signature items at Beaulieu House. The Speciality Curry Gravy Fish Head (S$30) was endorsed by the staff, and we decided to give that a try. Decent take though the curry lacks finesse and can afford more spices. 

Another recommended item, the Superior Soy Sauce Chicken (S$30) is another disappointing mains as it lacks flavour. The meats were a tad dry, perhaps having been left out for awhile since. 

The side dishes fared better, with the Homemade Beancurd with Shimeji Mushroom (S$14) a decent dish to go with my steamed rice. 

The Kam Heong Clams (S$14) may look better than it tastes, though if the kitchen is more generous with its spices, this might just work magic. 

Hard for this to fail in every zichar meal, the Homemade Crispy Prawn Roll with Water Chestnut (S$12) is a fairly satisfactory take. 

Rants The food here fell short of expectations, with most dishes lacking a punch. Can’t imagine what a perfect dining spot this would be if the food actually fares better. 
Will I Return Again? Be here to catch a glimpse of the Beaulieu House, and dine here to get into the vibe of the historical building, but do not expect the food to impress. 
TheRantingPanda says: 
Taste bud: 2.5/5 
Hole in the pocket: 3/5 
Ambience: 4/5 
Overall Experience: 3.5/5  
Beaulieu House Restaurant 
117 Beaulieu Road 
Singapore 759837 
Tel: +65 6257 9234 
Opening Hours 
Monday to Sunday: 11:30am to 2:30pm; 5:30pm to 10:30pm 
Ranted by The Rantee 

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