Snippets: 7 Best Cafes In Croatia | Best Coffee Spots From Zagreb To Dubrovnik

Croatia – In all honesty, I was struggling to find decent coffee places in Croatia during my trip. The coffee and cafe scene in Croatia is very much still developing, as I chatted with a few cafe owners. Fortunately, the specialty coffee scene is growing in the country and l managed to try some good coffee during my trip. Here are some cafes to bookmark if you are a serious coffee drinker.


Cafe U Dvoristu, Zagreb
Also known as In The Yard, this spacious cafe is tucked away in a small passage. It is the flagship location for Cogito Coffee, the brand of coffee beans being roasted on site and distributed to various parts of Croatia like Dubrovnik and Zadar. Expect a very relaxed ambience here, friendly staff and good coffee to go along.

Address: Ul. Jurja Žerjavića 7, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


Greenery Procaffe, Zagreb
This two-storey space has an indoor backyard space overlooking the garden, though the downside for non-smokers is that smoking is allowed indoors. The location is less convenient for tourists as it is located at the Lower Town of Zagreb, though the coffee is relatively robust in flavour.

Address: Ul. grada Vukovara 52 e, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


Quahwa, Zagreb
As an independent coffee roaster in the city centre of Zagreb, Quahwa is a spacious two-storey cafe where coffee roasting takes place on level one. It exudes an old industrial factory vibe, while level two is more of a proper space to enjoy your coffee. Ethiopia beans are used here, and you can expect good quality coffee.

Address: Ul. Nikole Tesle 9/1, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


Program Bar, Zagreb
The great part of Program Bar is the cosy space, and it feels homely to say the least with its modern aesthetics as compared to other cafes I came across in Croatia. The space is ideal if you are not in a rush, and coffee is definitely the highlight other than the other beverage options on the menu. The coffee is great, and I wished I had longer time to hang around this space.

Address: Martićeva ul. 14F, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia


Cogito Coffee Shop, Dubrovnik
This is the best coffee I had in Dubrovnik. It is located in the UNESCO old town and is a hole-in-the-wall space. The coffee is robust, though the space is not huge. There is also another outlet which I visited in Zadar, and of course, the flagship outlet in Zagreb.

Address: Ul. od Pustijerne 1, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia


Kava37, Hvar
A visit to Hvar is a must if you are in Split, and the best coffee on this picturesque island is Kava 37. The space is amazingly modern and offers a stark contrast to the old town vibes of Hvar. I had a great time chatting with the owners about the coffee culture in Croatia, and other than the great coffee beans which didn’t disappoint, there are also pastries and ice-cream. There is also their second outlet in Split.

Address: Kroz Burak 37, 21450, Hvar, Croatia


D16 Coffee, Split
Located in the heart of Diocletian’s Palace and the old town along the cobblestone alley, D16 is quite possibly the best specialty coffee brand in Split city. The name derives from an abbreviation of the address, and it provides a cosy space to enjoy a cup of good coffee. 100% freshly roasted arabica beans are used here, and I like the coffee for its strong aroma and slightly acidic flavour. Don’t miss this if you are in Split.

Address: Dominisova ul. 16, 21000, Split, Croatia


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