Food Review: Enishi Singapore At International Plaza | Hidden And Delicious Japanese Ramen Restaurant In Tanjong Pagar

The Place Hailing from Kobe, Japan, a visit to Enishi Singapore at International Plaza is a must if you love a good bowl of ramen – just avoid weekday lunch hours when the restaurant can be very busy! Enishi is located at the second level of the retail podium of the office building located just next to the Tanjong Pagar MRT Station. Probably the only shop on level two with a snaking queue every weekday lunch hour, the restaurant makes it simple for you to choose your lunch, as your choice is only between either their famous Dan Dan Noodle and the Japanese Dashi Noodle. 

Upon ordering and payment, you will be ushered to your counter seat joining just 10 fellow diners 
while the chef prepares your noodles ala minute. If this reminds you of your experiences of dining in Japan, well, that’s because it is opened by the same Japanese team behind their original branch in Kobe. 

The Food As shared, you only need to decide between having the Dan Dan Noodle (S$19.80) or the Japanese Dashi Noodle (S$19.80 Regular). Sounds simple, only that it was not the case as I was tempted by both! Either way, you are in safe hands with Enishi as it has been included in Japan’s Michelin Guide Bib Gourmand list over the years. 

Noting that I do not take spice very well, and will be heading back to office after lunch, I decided to go with their Japanese Dashi Noodle instead of the signature Dan Dan Noodle – I know, I am missing out on the real deal here! Despite that, you will be happy to know that their Dashi Ramen is a great option too. The ramen comes with a slice of aburi Cha Shu, 2 slices of duck and everyone’s favourite Ajitama, or better known as ramen egg. 

Overall, the dashi broth makes for a very comforting meal. The slice of cha shu is nicely grilled using open fire just before serving, giving you a nice slightly charred and juicy meat.

The whole dining experience here is very similar to those hole-in-the-wall Ramen restaurants in Japan! Though we could well enjoy the same bowl of goodness for half the price in Japan, Enishi definitely kept things simple and authentic! 

Rants It can get a tad warm within the restaurant, easily solved issue by installing some wall fans. 

Will I Return Again? Been back a couple of times, though been only having the same Dashi Ramen. Will make it a point to try the Dan Dan Noodles next and update this review! 

TheRantingPanda says: 
Taste bud: 4/5 
Hole in the pocket: 3.5/5 
Ambience: 3/5 
Overall Experience: 4/5 

10 Anson Road 
#02-85A, International Plaza 
Singapore 079903 

Opening Hours 
Monday to Sunday: 11am to 3pm, 6 to 9pm 

Ranted by The Rantee 

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