Food Scoops: Mandala Masters Presents MASL (Meters Above Sea Level) | A Taste Of Peru In Singapore By Renowned Peruvian Chef Virgilio Martínez And World’s Best Female Chef Pía León 

What’s Buzzing? For a limited three-month period, Mandala Masters presents a vertical journey through the indigenous cultures, ingredients and flavours of Peru in MASL (Meters Above Sea Level), an exclusive experience jointly designed and headlined by world-renowned Peruvian chef and restaurateur Virgilio Martínez and World’s Best Female Chef Pía León, whose flagship restaurant Central has amassed an enviable list of accolades throughout the past decade, consistently topping the World’s Best Lists, currently as No.4 in the world and named No.1 as the Greatest Latin America’s Best Restaurant from 2013 to 2021. 

Running from 5 August until 30 October 2022 at Art at National Gallery Singapore, MASL is the first time that the husband-and-wife chef duo will be working together in a project of this kind outside of Peru. This is also the first Mandala Masters event outside of Mandala Club, where Art’s space has been completely transformed for the experience. 

What To Expect? Multi-course tasting menus of completely new dishes have been developed exclusively for MASL in order to present the chefs’ signature interpretation of Peru’s vastly biodiverse landscapes and ecosystems to Singapore.   

Together with the Mater Center and Mandala Masters creative team, the chefs have designed MASL as an immersive journey through Peru’s varied natural landscapes and rarely seen or tasted indigenous ingredients.  

I went for the dinner menu, and while I do not want to spoil the surprise here, all I can say is that the ingredients used amazed me most as I rarely come across those ingredients typically found in South America in Singapore’s restaurants.

There are very earthy courses, seafood inspired dishes where you can taste the freshness of the ocean, and the whole concept of designing the menu based on various altitudes is intriguing. Beverage pairings, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, are also available.

Here is a snippet of some of the dishes to expect:  

MASL (Meters Above Sea Level) will run from 5 August until 30 October 2022, serving from Tuesday to Sunday.  

National Gallery Singapore 
1 St Andrew’s Road 
Singapore 178957 

8-Course Lunch – S$320++. From Wednesday – Sunday. 
11-Course Dinner – S$448++. From Tuesday – Sunday. 
Cocktail Pairing for Lunch: (on-site) S$188++ (pre-booking) S$169++ 
Cocktail Pairing for Dinner: (on-site) S$250++ (pre-booking) S$225++ 
Wine Pairing for Lunch: (on-site) S$188++ (pre-booking) S$169++ 
Wine Pairing for Dinner: (on-site) S$250++ (pre-booking) S$225++ 

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