Food Scoops: Singapore Food Masters (SGFM) Returns And Stand A Chance To Win Shopping Vouchers By Voting For Your Favourite Stalls!

What’s Buzzing? Singapore Food Masters (SGFM) is back this year. This is an annual quest for the most deserving stalls/eateries to be crowned Food Masters of the year in Singapore! 

What To Expect? The participating stalls/eateries of the East-West, North-South, Circle and North-East zones will compete for the Food Masters of the year title. 

At the end of a one-month public voting phase, the 10 most-voted-for stalls/eateries from each zone will advance to the next stage, where they will be assessed by a panel of mystery judges. 

Voting for your favourite eateries is from 23 Sept to 22 Oct. This is the last call to vote as votes will only be counted during this period. Head to the SGFM website to vote now!

The Top 10 finalists with the most votes from each zone will advance to this stage for judging by Mystery Judges who will make unannounced visits to the eateries. Finalists will be assessed based on taste, presentation, service, value for money, and cleanliness. 

In this final stage, the SGFM judges will provide their verdicts and the Top 3 winners from each zone will be crowned this year’s Food Masters. The winners’ voters will stand a chance to win $100 shopping vouchers in a lucky draw and winners will be announced on 30 November.  

Head over to SGFM website to find out more, and make sure your favourite stalls gets into the Top 10!

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