Snippets: Legoland Malaysia Map

We are just a few days away from the opening of Legoland Malaysia, the first international theme park in the country! Located a mere 15 minutes drive away from Singapore’s Tuas Second Link, I am sure many fellow islanders are already planning to make the maiden trip to the Land of our favourite childhood’s toy!

To help everyone get familiar with the Legoland theme park before we go ga-ga over our weekend day trip, here are some of the highlights of the Legoland Theme Park:

The Beginning: The colourful entrance of Legoland is where all the fun begins. A Lego toys store, promised to offer the largest selection of Lego toys in Asia will also be located near the entrance.

Miniland: Definitely the main highlight of the park! Built over 3 years, using more than 30 million Lego bricks, Miniland promises to teleport you through 17 Asian countries! From the Petronas Twin Towers to Taj Mahal to Singapore’s very own Merlion, the models will come to life at the touch of a button.

LegoCity: The family rides of the parks are all found here! From Driving School to Boating School to even an Airport ride, this is where children takes control!
Land of Adventure: Still family rides, but with an added flavour of thrill! The highlight here will be the Dino Island ride, where the adventurers should prepare to get wet on their way DOWN!
Imagination: What’s Lego without the magical i word. Journey 50 meters into the sky on top of the Observation Tower and get right into 4D action at Lego Studios.
Lego Kingdom: Behold the Dragon! The iconic rollercoaster ride of every Legoland resides in the Kingdom, where you will be transported back in time. And for the less courageous souls around, there’s always a Dragon Apprentice ride for you!
Lego Technic: Warning for the faint-hearted! This action-packed zone includes the Aquazone Wave Racers and an 18-meters high rollercoaster ride Project X.
With more than 40 rides, Legoland promises to bring fun into your family! TheRantingPanda can’t wait for its opening on the 15th Sept 2012!
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