Food Review: Podi

The Place An attempt to venture into a more upmarket dining experience, Podi is conceptualised by the Cedele group, which actually means "bold" in German. Ironically, Podi offers Italian cuisine and is one of the latest addition to the culinary scene in Singapore, located in level 1 of Paragon Shopping Mall.

Podi occupies a spacious area in Paragon and even though it is open concept, it does not feel like my privacy was being intruded while I was having my dinner, as it is located in the quieter far end of the mall.

The Food As per usual Italian dining fare, we were served complimentary bread prior to our mains.The menu for mains consists of the usual Italian fare, such as Pasta and Risotto. We had the chance to sample quite a wide variety that day and the standard of the food is generally consistent and somewhat slightly above average. The fine dining style of food presentation is also a strong hint of the upmarket positioning of Podi.

Be prepared for the series of visual feast:

Chicken Gold Risotto ($26)
Scallop & Prawn Pasta ($29)
Prawn Tomato Risotto ($29)Chicken Quinoa ($26)

Seabass Scallop ($29)The desserts we had are all really good, and we aren’t complaining about the generous portions.Cinnamon Spiced Cake ($15) with Honey & Toasted Hazelnut FrostingCoffee & Cacao Beans Cake ($12)Nutty Tart Dessert ($15)

Rants I personally feel that the price here is overpriced and the service standard requires some polishing as there seems to be a lack of initiative on the part of the service staff even though the restaurant was barely occupied when I was there. In addition, tap water is not served here. Serving wise, the portion for the mains is quite small, certainly insufficient to satisfy the hunger of an average guy.

Will I return again? I doubt so, as Podi does not leave me with a pleasant first impression, which I view as something very important. Moreover, there are no lack of Italian restaurants in Singapore.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 3.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5

Paragon Shopping Mall, #01-20A
Tel: +65 6468 8940

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