Food Review: Nakhon Kitchen at Kovan | Affordable Authentic Thai food in Hougang

The Place There are many pricey and average Thai restaurants around in Singapore and I am glad that I finally had the chance to visit Nakhon Kitchen. Located in the heartland area of Singapore in Kovan, Nakhon Kitchen is run by Thais and I think that it offers one of the most authentic Thai dining experience I can ever find in Singapore.

It is a very small eatery with extremely limited seats with insane crowds on weekends. We dropped by Nakhon Kitchen on a Sunday evening around 545 pm and we have to join the long queue already. It opens at 530 pm. By the time we finished our dinner at around 7 pm, there were at least 20 people in the queue.

The Food Expect to find the usual Thai fare such as Phad Thai, Tom Yum Soup and Pineapple Rice. The prices are reasonable, with dishes averaging to about $6-9. Thai Iced Tea ($3), probably one of the nicest version I have ever tried. Most Thai Iced Teas are overly sweet but the one here is just right. For something more refreshing, Thai Iced Lemongrass ($3) is a good alternative.

Tom Yam Seafood Soup ($6) – My favourite dish here at Nakhon Kitchen. There is a choice of adding coconut milk to the Tom Yum and we have opted for that. It turns out to be a right choice as it gives much added flavour to the Tom Yum Soup. The end product is a tasty soup which got me so addicted to sip even the last drop.

Phad Thai ($5) – Presented in the authentic Thai style, the Phad Thai is delicious yet not too oily. The serving is small though, just enough for 1 person.

Pandan Chicken ($6) – One of the star dishes at Nakhon Kitchen, the Pandan Chicken is the nicest of its kind I have ever tried. It is wrapped in dumpling leaves and goes well with the Thai sweet chili sauce. The chicken is very tender and tasty, a must try here! 

Deep fried Red Fish with Thai Chili sauce ($12) – This is average in my opinion as the skin of the fish is not as crispy as I thought. I thought that the fish is not flavourful enough as well.

Stir-fried Kang Kong ($6) – I like the Kang Kong here as it is soft enough with the right mix of chili and garlic.

Rants Service at Nakhon Kitchen is notoriously bad and I can totally agree. The service staff here is not friendly at all. Do not expect much of ambience as well and be prepared to brave the non-airconditioned environment. Due to the limited seating capacity, do expect for a long wait of at least 30 minutes.

Will I return again? With the reasonable prices and authentic Thai food served, I will definitely return here again if I am missing Bangkok too much despite my long-winded rants.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud:
Hole in the pocket: 2.5/5
Ambience: 1/5

Nakhon Kitchen
212 Hougang Street 21
#01-341 Singapore
Tel: +65 6235 0855                                                                                                                                                  

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  1. care to try Thai Flavour, new thai stall at a business park – Midview City, Sin Ming Lane, Block. No MSG



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