Food Review: Z’en Japanese Cuisine

The Place I struggle to find a good Japanese Buffet restaurant in Singapore as most buffets often compromise quality with quantity and it is a challenge to find a good balance. You can imagine my excitement when I chanced upon Z'en Japanese Cuisine located in UE Square, just opposite the edgy Robertson Quay.

Z’en Japanese Cuisine is a contemporary Japanese restaurant which happens to have a buffet menu other than the usual ala carte menu. I like the ambience of the interior, which offers a 3 tier seating option where the 2nd and 3rd level are meant to house bigger groups. The dim setting of the place is perfect for a real zen dining experience, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Another amazing fact is that the weekend dinner buffet timing is from 6pm-12am, possibly the longest buffet seating duration I have ever encountered before!

The Food The first point I want to make is that this is not a place to go for if variety is what you are looking in a buffet, as quality precedes quantity at Z’en. In terms of variety, it is quite limited but I am very statisfied with the overall quality of the food.

Salmon Sashimi – The only type of Sashimi offered at Z’en, the Salmon Sashimi is fresh and each serving is a standard 10 slices.

Agedashi Tofu – A must have side dish in every Japanese buffet, this is a dish that rarely goes wrong.

Prawn Tempura – I had 2 servings of the Prawn Tempura as I like how crispy and fresh it is. Other than this, the Fish Tempura is also worth trying as it is very fresh as well.

Yakitori – This Mushroom Beef Yakitori stick is a disappointment though. I could not taste the mushroom or the beef at all and it makes me wonder what I was actually eating. Alternatively, the Pork Yakitori which I tried later is much more worthy to order.

Sirloin Steak – This is a must-try in the buffet, the 200g Sirloin Steak. It is really difficult to come across good quality steak in a buffet but Z’en proves me wrong in this dish. The steak is succulent to perfection, coupled with the mouth watering beef sauce and nicely sliced portions. I had 4 plates of the Sirloin Steak that night.

Shabu Shabu – Another highlight of the buffet spread has got to be the Shabu Shabu. There is a choice of beef or chicken and I opted for the former. The extent of marbling is evident from the picture below, which is almost a sure guarantee for good quality beef.

Shabu Shabu is never complete without an abundance of cabbage, lettuce, golden mushroom, shitake mushroom and raw eggs!

As for desserts, there are ice-cream and tofu cheesecake to choose from. I would say that the quality of the desserts is very plain average fare, so it might not be wise to save much space for it. The appetite is much more worth saving for the mains instead.

Rants With a price tag of $48++ per person, Z’en is definitely not one of the most value for money buffets, as compared to the likes of Kuishin Bo or Ikoi. Z’en is probably more for beef lovers, as I think the quality of the beef here is really good for a buffet. The nice ambience also makes up for the shortfalls, if any.    

Will I return again? If I am craving for a Japanese buffet again, Z’en is definitely on top of my list to consider. I also want to add that the service here is prompt, unlike some other buffets where it can take forever to replenish your orders.

Reserve your table at Z’en Japanese Cuisine on now!

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5

Z’en Japanese Cuisine
205 River Valley Road
UE Square #01-75
Tel: +65 6732 3110

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