Food Review: d’Good Cafe | Possibly the best cafe in Holland Village

The Place Yet another cafe has sprung up in the hip Holland Village estate. d’Good Cafe is a serious coffee cafe as it roasts its own coffe beans. I like the space here as it is spacious and occupies 2 storeys of the shophouse. The cafe is also segmented into various sections, the Lawn, the Bar, the Attic and the Balcony.
IMG_0803There are limited bar counter seats for coffee enthusiasts who are keen to catch the action.

IMG_0812The coffee beans are specially roasted in this chunky coffee equipment as a sign that this is not just another ordinary cafe but one which is serious in their business. Some of the more premium coffee beans are sourced from the Latin America region, and expect to pay a premium for these high quality coffee beans.
IMG_0811 There is a cosy lawn corner by the window overlooking Holland Avenue for the lazy souls to while the afternoon away.
The Food
Other than coffee, the food menu is limited to sandwiches, egg toast, waffles, pies and the likes of it. I guess the emphasis at d’Good Cafe is really on the coffee, and probably some desserts such as cakes to go along with it.
IMG_0808I like the large Mocha Frappe ($7.50) which is not too sweet with the right mix of coffee and cocoa.
IMG_0825For desserts, the Chocolate Desire ($6) is worth considering for chocolate fanatics. The chocolate cake is rich yet does not make me feel like it’s an over-indulgence.
IMG_0819For a compromise between coffee and dessert, the affogato ($6.50) is one of my favourites at any cafe as I simply think it combines two of the best stuff in the world in one masterpiece – coffee and ice-cream. I profess that I have high standards for affogato and the one I tried here lived up to my expectations with its rich aromatic coffee and vanilla ice-cream.
Will I return again? There aren’t many cafe options in Holland Village and this is one cafe where I can chill out with friends peacefully. With its convenient location just beside the MRT, there is no reason not to drop by again for a decent cuppa coffee. 

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud:
Hole in the pocket: 3/5
Ambience: 3/5
Overall Experience: 3/5

d’Good Cafe
273 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278992
Tel: +65 6219 9807


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