Food Review: Ikoi Japanese Restaurant | Quality buffet at Hotel Miramar

The Place If you ask me to name the best Japanese buffet in Singapore, I will not hesitate to mention Ikoi Japanese Restaurant located in Hotel Miramar. This is arguably the most famous and value for money Japanese buffet in Singapore and has been also been a popular choice among local celebrities.
IMG_1709As the restaurant is highly popular for its buffet, it is best recommended to make reservations at least one week in advance due to the limited seatings at Ikoi.

The Food The buffet spread at Ikoi is one of the best I have ever come across for a Japanese buffet as I feel it is extensive enough for any average person to try all the dishes in one session. There are the usual sashimi, sushi, handrolls, grilled dishes, fried dishes and noodles. Do not expect shabu-shabu though as it is not served in Ikoi.
IMG_1707Salmon Sashimi – I like the freshness and generous thick slices of the sashimi, definitely one of the best standards for buffet.
IMG_1727Agedashi Tofu – One of the sides to have for a start, it is served by a per person portion.
IMG_1723Prawn Tempura – A must order for me in any buffet and I am glad the prawn tempura here are crispy and fresh.
IMG_1729Fish Tempura – Similarly, the fish tempura is fresh and tasty as well.
IMG_1730Salmon Maki – The salmon maki is awesome all thanks to the fresh salmon and high grade Japanese rice.

Cha-shu Ramen – The portion is just right for a buffet where I do not want to stuff myself excessively. However, the taste is only average as I guess this is not their forte.
IMG_1735Chicken wings

Grilled Salmon

IMG_1719Salmon Skin Temaki – This is worth mentioning as it is one of the best dishes of Ikoi. The combination of the crispy salmon skin, tinge of mayonnaise and fragrant Japanese rice make the Temaki so addictive that I had to order a few rolls of it before my buffet session ended.
IMG_1712Yaki Udon (Fried Udon) – I like it that the servings of the dishes are generally small so that I can try more varieties of the spread and yet do not feel like I am wasting food . The fried udon is an appetising choice just when I thought I am sushi / sashimi overdosed at a certain point during the buffet.
IMG_1743Sukiyaki – This sukiyaki is with compliments from Ikoi and not listed on the menu. Disregarding the generous intentions of the restaurant, the sukiyaki is average at most as the soup and salmon is not tasty.
IMG_1742Rants Other than the fact that the place is small and it can be a pain not to get any seats for last minute reservations (do not even toy with the idea of walking in), I have not much rants for Ikoi. At $38++, I think that it is a reasonable price tag for the overall high quality and variety of the food served in Ikoi.    

Will I Return Again? I am already looking forward to my next Ikoi buffet expedition and that is a testimony of how much I love the place.

TheRantingPanda says:
Taste bud: 4.5/5
Hole in the pocket: 3.5/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Overall Experience: 3.5/5

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant
401 Havelock Road
Singapore 169631
Tel: +65 6887 3788

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